Text Triggers

Setting up triggers is a good idea, if you want to know when you get a text to your tracking number but do not want to come into CTM every day to check. 

Call Reports

The Call Reports page provides an overview of your calls over a set time period sorted by a dimension of your choice. You can use filters and date ranges to narrow down which calls you want to include in the report.

Creating a Call Queue

Call queues work when you need to route to multiple agents, have those agents on different schedule, or want to automatically assign an agent to the call.

Set a Fallback Receiving Number

For each of your Receiving Numbers, you can set up a fallback Receiving Number that will get calls if the primary Receiving Number does not pick up within a certain amount of time.

Purchase Tracking Numbers

A Tracking Number is the phone number that your customers or potential customers will call. Before you can use our system, you need to purchase at least one tracking number.

Creating Voice Menus (IVRs)

You can present your callers with a greeting that can offer them keypress options to be routed to different actions by using our Voice Menus (IVR Menu).