Reseller Tools

Reseller tools make it easy to package and customize the platform

Reseller tools

White Labeling

White labeling allows an agency or reseller to place their own branding on the CallTrackingMetrics product and give their clients access to the system on a domain of their choosing. An agency’s clients can log in to the CTM system through the agency’s own domain, and every page from the login page to the interior pages are branded with that agency’s logo. White labeling also allows for customization of help content in the system and any emails being sent from the system.

Marked Up Pricing

We also offer several ways for resellers to mark up the cost of CallTrackingMetrics usage so that they can make a profit on their clients’ usage.

  • Link your CTM account with your Stripe account so you can bill your client’s credit card at marked up rates for their usage of the CTM system.
  • Set marked up prices in CTM and export a billing report each month so that you can manually bill your clients at the marked up rates (you pay for the usage at the agency cost).
  • Create custom signup and landing pages in CTM that are white labeled and customized to your marked up pricing, so that your clients can sign up for an account and automatically be linked to the correct price points and Stripe account.

Call-Lead Distributors

We also offer ways for lead resellers to distribute calls to a network of customers. You can choose to distribute calls to your network of customers based on criteria like:

  • Number of calls allowed per day
  • Number of simultaneous calls allowed
  • Weighted routing so certain customers will be prioritized and rung first
  • Sequential dialing through your weighted list of customers

Resellers can also choose to charge their customers a particular price per call or per minute.