Conversation Analytics

It's more than a call—it's a critical moment to wow your customers and grow your business

Automated Conversation Analytics

Gain valuable consumer insights without lifting a finger

Our software makes it easy to put the pieces together to complete the whole customer journey. Connect marketing, sales, and customer service to the conversations your customers and prospects are having. And more importantly, detect patterns, automatically score leads, and discover coaching opportunities with built-in tools.

Our software also provides strategists with features to slice and dice reporting and see real-time streams of phone calls, chats, texts, and form submissions to make live campaign monitoring and optimization a breeze.




Detect words of intent spoken by your customer

Build strategies and automated workflows around spoken words and phrases, pulled directly from conversation transcriptions. Identify your ideal audience faster, and weed out low quality conversations without wasting resources.

Never miss a detail by recording your calls

The potential for analysis shouldn’t end when your conversation does. With call recordings and transcriptions, you can go back and learn from customer interactions at any time. And with dual channel recording, you can easily review only the side of the conversation that matters most to you.

Get powerful details before you’re connected

Conversation intelligence starts even before the conversation with features like call whispers. Create automated messages to provide context for the person answering the phone. Set your team up for success at the very start of a call

See all our conversation analytics features and tools in action