Call Whispers

Provide important details and context before a conversation even begins.

Simple messages with major impact

Call whispers arm your agents with powerful details before they are connected

There’s no need to wait until a conversation happens to start improving your caller’s experience. Combined with unique tracking numbers and robust call routing options, you can trigger a customized call whisper relevant to the individual call. Available on any plan, we offer two different types of call whispers:

  1. Whispers that play to your callers
  2. Whispers that play to your agents receiving inbound calls

Use either, or both, to automate better outcomes for your phone conversations. Easily set expectations, cover legal requirements, or provide context to set your team up for success.

What are call whispers?

A call whisper is a voice message that either the caller or the agent will hear before the call is connected. Whispers can be used for important announcements or to give call agents information about a caller before the call is connected.

Creative ways to use call whispers

A tool built with flexibility to serve any team’s needs

Both types of whispers are completely customizable and can be recorded in your own voice, a professional actor’s voice, or using text-to-speech technology. They can also be in different languages. Here are a few common uses for call whispers our customers have found success with:


Call whispers offer an easy way to inform callers that their conversation will be recorded. The messages can be customized to satisfy legal requirements of call recording announcements depending on your jurisdiction.


Before beginning a call, provide your agents quick intelligence about the caller. Announcing the advertising campaign the call is coming from can help drive the conversation towards the desired conversion, faster.


Setting up an account call whisper to play at the beginning of every call can help remind agents of important details to include in their conversations, like time sensitive promotions or elements of a call script to focus on.

See Our Call Whisper Feature in Action