Real-Time Agent Reports

Provide Visibility Into Call Tracking and Call Center Performance

Gain instant visibility into the performance of your call center agents

CallTrackingMetrics’ real-time agent reporting provides you with a live dashboard view into the current activity in your call center. With one glance, you will know your current call volume, what your agents are doing, and how performance has been for the day so far.

real time call center agent dashboard

Analyze Your Team in Action

In Manager Mode, a side panel can be launched with activity details for specific agents. This gives you a high level rollup of the actions an agent has taken throughout the day including their most recent activities. It also allows you to take immediate action on a call by facilitating the following functions:

real time call center manager mode


Listen to an active call (in progress status) as opposed to listening to the recording of a completed call.


Take control of a call and remove the current agent without requiring a transfer.


Speak to agents during an active call without the caller hearing you. Provide real-time feedback or suggestions to that agent.


Remotely terminate the call.

In-depth Agent Analytics

Retrieve targeted agent data within a specified timeframe with the Agent Reporting dashboard. Get very granular, up to the minute visibility into either individual agent or team productivity as a whole.

individual agent reporting dashboard

Integrate with Salesforce

CallTrackingMetrics also offers integrations with systems like Salesforce so that your agents don’t even have to leave the Salesforce interface to see all the rich detail about the caller and update conversion and rating information.