ROI Reports

ROI Reports show how much return a business is getting from each advertising channel so they can optimize spending to maximize calls and revenue

Learn how much return you are getting on each advertising channel so you can optimize your investments

Assign a number

Start by assigning tracking phone numbers to each of your advertising channels, so you track calls coming in from each ad.

Calculate spend

Enter your monthly spend for each online and traditional advertising channel.

Score and tag calls

As calls come in, your agents enter rating and conversion information right into the call log.

View ROI

Your ROI reports will start populating with your data, showing you important statistics for each channel such as conversion rate, cost per call, revenue, calls, and ROI.

How are businesses and agencies using ROI Reports and other call tracking tools?

Use reporting to optimize staffing, training, and performance management processes.

  • Track agent performance on inbound and outbound calls, as well as missed calls and call duration.
  • Identify highs and lows by looking for performance issues and benchmarks that you can set across the team.
  • See in real time which agents are on the phone and see statistics for call volume over time.
  • See the amount of revenue brought in by each agent. Ensure that highest performance agents are monitored, and identify the tactics they are using that work.

Use call tracking reporting for forecasting and planning

  • Set future marketing budgets based on revenue needed and the ROI achieved from each channel.
  • Set call center staffing budgets based on revenue needed, conversion rates, and average conversion amounts.
  • Model out what different conversion rates and average conversion amounts would do to overall revenue and staffing requirements.

Use call tracking tools to increase conversion rates and performance of the sales team.

  • Call Recordings — Review call recordings to assess performance on calls and listen to what’s happening on calls that are converting.
  • Transcriptions — Rather than listening to each call, scan through the transcript quickly and get a sense of what is being discussed. Identify patterns in calls and spot check performance.
  • Tagging and Scoring — Managers and agents can tag calls with various categories that organize calls so that reports can be pulled by tag. Scoring assigns a star rating to the call so management can rate agents on their performance, or agents can assess lead quality through score.
  • Sales/Conversions — Enter a sale amount for each call, allowing the organization to tie revenue back to the exact advertisement that generated the lead.
  • Conversation Analytics — Let the system do the work for you. Identify patterns of words you want the system to watch for and automatically score, tag, and convert calls. Send alerts via email or text if certain patterns are seen.
  • Live Listen — spot check calls as they are happening for real-time coaching and feedback that has the most impact.