Never miss a call with new notifications

We recently rolled out an enhanced call notification feature that allows users to set up automatic emails to go out when specific types of call activities happen through their Call Tracking Metrics tracking numbers.

For example, you can choose to have the Call Tracking Metrics system send an email notification when a call is missed or when a call is over a specific length of time. We had small businesses tell us it was very important for them to jump on any missed calls so this feature was very important to them.

The automatic notifications allow businesses to mange their calls from anywhere! The alerts go out immediately after the call comes in and the email includes important information about the call such as caller name, phone number, source of call, etc. You can access the recording of the call right from the email and even call the person right back from your smart phone.  You can also edit the subject line of the emails and the receiving parties so that the right people get them and know immediately how to react.

here is an example of a notification being set-up:

If you are not already a customer, you can learn more about signing up here. Contact us if we can be of assistance in any way!