How call tracking became a vital part of a home improvement companies sales and marketing process.

giphy (5)Over the summer we’ve featured many of our clients stories of their experiences with CallTrackingMetrics, highlighting the different solutions CTM has brought them. Today we are going to change gears a bit and feature one of our staff members, Jessica Michaels and her story of her past employment as a marketing manager at a mid-sized home improvement company. Featuring the struggles she faced and how CallTrackingMetrics increased her production and solved many of the company’s performance struggles. Jessica is currently serves as CTM Marketing Manager and Google Specials.

My responsibilities at the home improvement company

Before I came to CTM I worked as a marketing manager for a mid-sized home improvement company.  My title was marketing manager, however I was the entire arts department, IT department, and was known for handling all things internet, that includes PR, running the company website and email systems.


Marketing for a home improvement company

The home improvement industry is a very competitive one and normally have a very high marketing budget. The target clientele is a small demographic, typically a new roof should last over 30 years and cost between $5,000 & $25,000. Meaning there’s only a small window to lock in a client, if they decided to go with another company it could be 10+ years before they are in need of more work for their home.  

The sales process was divided up into 4 teams

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There was the sales team, these were the in home salesmen, they are the fella’s who will come to your home to give you an in-home presentation and assets the current condition of the home.

Than there’s the door-to-door salesmen; they were also known as the canvassers.  Going door-to-door offering a special, limited of a time coupon featuring a before and after images of the home on their street where the company had just completed a job.

Next there was the call center team, they could be categorized in two groups, the inbound lead setters and the outbound cold callers. Lastly there was me, I was responsible for getting the company up in organic rankings as well as generate leads from google advertising.


My Struggle

The first and most obvious struggle I faced was that the phone calls generated from Adwords clicks weren’t able to be attributed in a conversation in Google Adwords. Rarely did phone call leads get credited to the online sources.  With only one phone number driving in all the leads it was nearly impossible to accurately attribute how the client found out about the company.

The next difficulty I faced was that the leads I was generating were digital leads that were emailed into the call center. From there the lead setters would have to check their email for additional leads. Hours to days could go by without the lead setting checking for email leads.

According to Forbes Magazine over 70% of online leads are wasted due to the fact that on average it takes 47 hours and 53 minutes for the sales team to reach out to the lead. The odds of closing a online leads within the first hour is 100% more likely of converting then the same lead being contacted 2 hours later. Every minute that passes that the lead isn’t getting contacted is minutes they can spend researching a competitor.


The Canvassers Struggle

doorThe canvassers really have a hard job, they are tasked with the tedious job of going door-to-door handing out limited of time company coupons. This practice is great for brand awareness but terrible for anyone who doesn’t want a salesmen knocking on their door. They are paid per lead generated, making it vital that they receive proper credit for a leads that they generate. If a homeowner isn’t willing to schedule a demo right away but calls back in a few days or even a week later and doesn’t remember the canvassers name, the canvasser misses out on a paycheck and it affects their closing percentages.


The Call Centers Struggle

giphy (7)The call center was divided into two groups; The inbound lead setters and the outbound cold callers. The inbound lead setters were tasked with asking each individual which marketing channel and/or salesmen told them about the company and had to retrieve basic information about the potential client, like home & email address, and would have to route the client to the location that they were closest too. If they took down the wrong information or wrongly assigned the marketing channel the consequences would be detrimental to the team. The lead setters had an exceptional amount of pressure on them as each department was always giving them a hard time to where the leads were getting credited too. Mistakes were not acceptable and also were very difficult to measure, if the lead setter said the lead was from a source, there was no arguing it. Other than the fact they said it was one way there was no trackable way to accredit the lead to a particular marketing source. Next there’s the outbound cold callers, everyone’s favorite people to hate. These brave souls were given the responsibility to follow up with leads that didn’t sell. They would follow up six months to six years later, offering special discounts to past potential clients. All they had to do is schedule an appointment and they would get paid. Each outbound agent was required to reach an amount of schedule appointments or their job was at risk.


The CallTrackingMetrics Solution

When I was introduced to CallTrackingMetrics I was initially taken back with how simple, yet powerful their solution is. For my own struggle as a marketing manager who was expected to maintain a certain conversion rate from within Google Adwords. Having the ability to have the calls being generated from online clicks be counted as conversions within my Google Adwords was essential. Now, not only was I generating a more accurate conversion rates, I was able to see which keywords searched were generating sales and optimize my campaigns accordingly.  The next major solution CallTrackingMetrics offered me was the use of their form reactor. The form reactor automatically triggers a call back to the person who just filled out an interest form. Eliminating the need for the lead setters to constantly be checking their email, instead a call is automatically triggered seconds after the form is submitted. With the use of CTM I didn’t have to rely on the lead setters to match the advertising source of the call, the system automatically generated it. Leaving me with no doubt that the leads I was generating were getting credited to the proper source.

For the Canvassers CTM offered a completely affordable and bullet proof system for them to have their leads properly credited to them. With the ability to assign each individual canvasser their own unique tracking number, by the time the phone rings the lead setters will know exactly who generated the lead. With tracking numbers as low as $1.50 per number, the canvassers were happy to pick up the cost themselves to insure they get credit and paid for all the leads they generated.

The benefits of the call centers integration with CallTrackingMetrics are incredible, so much so I hardly know where to start. Starting with the management features like live listening, call recording, virtual voicemails, notifications, keyword spotting and call transcriptions quickly became essential for everyday business practices. The call center managers can quickly and efficiently determine which agents are taking the most calls, the quality of those calls and the sales generated. The real time dashboard saved management time to evaluate things like missed calls, calls by hours, calls by source and calls per agent. The advanced routing feature like geographic routing and agent performance routing insure the caller reaches the right location and the top phone salesman. The system can automatically generate a score of the call using the keyword spotting tool by rating the quality of the lead by words spoken. Making it effortless to know if words like “schedule appointment” or “replacement windows” were spoken in the conversation.

Call Tracking allows the lead setters to properly identify which marketing channel the caller found out about the company from. As-well as using features like premium callid allows the agent to identify the callers home address, email address and other vital information about the caller. Making their job easier and more efficient.

Having the ability to forward the tracking numbers to cell phones has allowed the traveling salesmen to have accountability and call recordings for the calls they make on the road.
CallTrackingMetrics was the solution that this home improvement company couldn’t afford not to have. No only did call tracking accuracy match the call to the advertising source it became essential in all areas of sales and management. Using the reporting tools the management team is quickly able to identify which marketing sources are working and which agents are performing.

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