Callbox: Full Service Call Tracking in Israel

CallTrackingMetrics & Callbox: Full Service Call Tracking in Israel

CallTrackingMetrics partners with resellers around the world to extend their call tracking software into local markets. Callbox, a CallTrackingMetrics partner in Israel, has enjoyed tremendous growth through their localized, white glove approach to serving their clients.

CallTrackingMetrics’s call tracking platform is available in 30 countries around the world. Based in the U.S., CallTrackingMetrics has found that local agencies and technology companies in local markets are perfectly poised to take the call tracking platform and customize it to the local needs of a market. They bring the cultural expertise and know-how about the market to market the solution locally.

About Callbox

Callbox, a long-standing international partner of CallTrackingMetrics, has created a thriving call tracking business in Israel, establishing relationships with the top agencies in the country and achieving a 90% client retention rate due to their localized service approach.

Callbox provide a complete call tracking solution to their clients. Using a white labeled version of the CallTrackingMetrics call tracking platform, they have added implementation support and localization to make Callbox the leading call tracking provider in Israel. Their clients really appreciate the fact that they are local, always available, and the support they provide (including documentation and videos) is all localized.

Callbox does not stop at call tracking. They will look at a client’s website and determine what the right sales funnel should be, what design updates need to be made, and what integrations should be in place to ensure the client’s call tracking data will be used most effectively.

Why Call Tracking?

Eyal Gershon, one of the founders of Callbox, saw the need for call tracking early on in his days as a developer and digital advertising manager. While he started looking for a solution to track calls back into Adwords to optimize ads, he quickly realized that call tracking uncovers all sorts of issues within a company about how calls are being handled. Simple tools like call recording are a wealth of information for management. They frequently uncover gaps in how often the phone is answered, inconsistent agent performance on the phone, and even situations where calls were being sent to extensions of people that were no longer even at the company.

One moving company couldn’t understand why their call volume remained low even as their ad spend was going up. Turns out that they had a voice menu set up that was routing calls to a dead line. Within days of implementing a new IVR system with Callbox, they saw a rapid increase in sales.

Another client who sells training courses started regularly reviewing call recordings for the first time and was shocked to hear how their call center agents were performing on the phone when they did not think anyone was listening. After addressing the performance issues, conversion rates from phone calls went from 3% to 70%.

As Eyal describes, these sound like extreme examples but these types of things are occurring in businesses around the world and often owners and managers don’t have the tools they need to figure out what is going on. That is what he really likes about the CallTrackingMetrics platform. It gives him (and his clients) self- service tools that can have an immediately impact. The platform also allows clients to move from simple to complex settings so that as they address some of the more obvious issues in their call performance, they can focus on ways to use the phone to improve the experience for their customers and sales leads. Using tools like IVR menus, sophisticated call queues, the browser based Softphone, and integrations with CRMs like Salesforce and HubSpot- customers can continue to refine and learn from their phone calls to improve the experience for their customers and increase conversion rates.

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CallTrackingMetrics provides call tracking services in 30 countries around the world. CallTrackingMetrics partners with local agencies and software developers to bring call tracking with the localized flavor and support that makes people comfortable with the implementation.

How can a local reseller get started?

The CallTrackingMetrics Advanced and Elite Plans provide the tools and features that a reseller will need to white label the software. The reseller’s customers will be able to access a white-labeled version of the software on the resellers domain with the reseller’s branding. In addition, the API provides complete flexibility for incorporating the call tracking data and account management into existing software that resellers may already be using.


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Callbox is an international partner of CallTrackingMetrics based in Israel with expanding operations in Europe. In addition to being exports in call tracking, Callbox has more than 10 years of experience in both marketing and development serving over 500 clients from all over the world.

This extensive experience in the industry and local knowledge of the markets they are in enables Callbox to provide clients with premium 24/7 hands on support as well as customized call tracking implementations and integrations such as connecting to 3rd party applications (Facebook, CRMs, Webhooks etc.).