Spotlight On: Pacific54’s Instant Call Reporting


Across this year, we will be highlighting interesting things that our customers are doing with the CallTrackingMetrics platform. We hope that this provides potential and existing customers with ideas about how to use CTM reporting while also providing customers we work with the opportunity to promote their services. 

Example of Click to Call Instant Email
Example of Click to Call Instant Email

We start with Pacific54, an online marketing agency located in the trendy Wynwood district of Miami. They specialize in creating intelligent online solutions- anything from building websites to complex custom platforms.  They work with a range of customers including local businesses, startups & large enterprises like (KFC, Exteria, Keiser University,etc.)

The developers at Pacific54 leveraged the CTM API to provide their clients with a variety of reports to demonstrate the performance of their advertising campaigns while also giving them instant information about their leads. They used the CTM calls API as well as the FormReactor. 

Click 2 Call Forms

Pacific54 combined CTM’s FormReactor with Piwik to send their clients an instant email as soon as a web form is completed. The email includes rich details such as the visitors time on site, pages viewed, number of visits, location (based on IP), name of the caller (3rd party called ID lookup), and the keyword or referrer that brought them to the website.

Inbound Calls

At the end of each call, Pacific54 also sends their clients an email with the caller details, name, audio recording, location on the map based on caller id so they instantly know the background on the lead that just came in.

This is what it looks like:

Inbound Call Email
Example of Email After Inbound Call

Weekly Emails

Finally, they leverage the CTM API to weekly and overall statistics about call volume so clients know the busiest times for their calls, month to month performance etc.

What has the reaction been?

The guys over at Pacific54 report that the emails are easy for the clients to digest and they really help to emphasize the value of their advertising services. Its especially useful in service industries like lawyers, travel agents, and doctors where most conversions come in over the phone. 

Contact us if you have any questions about leveraging the CTM platform to create these types of reports.

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