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6 Tips for Lead Managers to Optimize Your Sales Pipeline
Lead managers in the know use AI-powered tools to engage in the most effective lead management.
by Erika Rollins
Team Performance
6 Life and Work Hacks for Higher Productivity
With vacation hours spent and back-to-school traffic bogging down our commutes, lots of us are looking for a post-summer boost in productivity.
by Erika Rollins
Analytics, Lead Management
5 Creative Uses for the Keyword Spotting Tool
One of the features that I find exciting, and most of our customers aren’t aware of, is our Keyword Spotting tool.
by Jessica Michaels
Lead Management
Are You Guilty? 5 Common Call Center Mistakes to Avoid
Imagine telling 60 percent of your customers to get out—to just leave without completing their transactions or even describing their needs—after spending only a minute in your store.
by Jessica Michaels
Lead Management
This Isn’t Fantasy, GeoContact Will Help You Win Over Local Customers
Its March! That means that Game Of Thrones is going to start soon! This got us thinking, if there were phones and the internet in Westeros, you know that Petyr Baelish would be using some sort of call tracking.
by CallTrackingMetrics