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How To Use Live Chat for Lead Generation

Featured post by guest blogger: Adela Belin   Mainstream lead generation channels have become too competitive—from your blog and landing pages to email campaigns and social media branding. Given the increasing popularity of messaging apps, live chat is empowering many businesses with qualified leads. A live chat option can minimize the bounce rate and customer

by Erika Rollins
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Case Studies

Finding Business Success with CTM’s Text Messaging Software

Michael Barnett never planned on starting a white label business on CTM's software. A year later, it's one of his fastest-growing companies. Its best-selling feature? Text messaging.

by Hannah Hanover
Text Messaging

[Video] Using Text Messaging to Boost Revenue, Engagement, and Satisfaction | Launchpad Summit 2021

During the second annual CTM Launchpad Summit conference, Ken Sylvain and Michael Barnett co-presented on the value of text messaging for business. Watch the video above, and read on for a recap. How CTM clients are finding success with text messaging Having worked with CallTrackingMetrics customers for four years, on top of his 20 years

by Frances Miller
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How to Get a Memorable Number for Texting Customers

Explore the benefits of short codes versus vanity numbers and how you can start using them today for text messaging.

by CallTrackingMetrics

What You Need to Know About STIR/SHAKEN

For many Americans, it’s not uncommon to receive a few—or more—phone calls a day from numbers you don’t recognize, which more often than not turn out to be spam. But with new regulations soon to be implemented by the FCC, this may change. Read on to learn more about the call authentication method known as STIR/SHAKEN and how it may impact the call tracking industry in the coming months.

by CallTrackingMetrics

5 Tips to Overcome the Challenges of Virtual Communication

If you feel like your virtual meetings could do with some improvements, here are some ideas to start with.

by CallTrackingMetrics

Answers to Our Most Commonly Asked Questions about Spam

Dealing with spam calls at your business? Read for helpful tips to combat spam, whether you're fielding robocalls or your tracking number is seen as spam.

by CallTrackingMetrics
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How CTM Uses CTM

How CTM Uses CTM: Leveraging Bulk Text Messaging for a Safe Return to Work Strategy

How we leveraged our platform to send daily health assessments to employees via text.

by Holly Mallos
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6 Tips to Generate More Leads And Sales With Your SMS Marketing

Discover key strategies to make your SMS marketing campaigns more effective.

by CallTrackingMetrics
Unified Communications

Build Your Omnichannel Communications Strategy

Discover the benefits and challenges of adopting an omnichannel communications strategy and the power of unifying messaging to create a seamless customer experience.

by CallTrackingMetrics