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Snowed In: How CallTrackingMetrics’ Queues and Soft Phones Make It Easy To Close The Office But Not Affect Our Customers

by CallTrackingMetrics

In parts of the East coast, we have been hit with a ton of snow this year. Just because we are not willing to risk the snowy roads to be able to come into work doesn’t mean that our customers will experience any blip in service from our team.

For example, we route all calls through a CTM voice menu that then routes calls to queues of agents. Callers can press 1 or 2 to be routed to the sales or service queues respectively. When an agent is working at home or from somewhere other than the office, there is a ton of flexibility as to how they can accept calls. Not only can we route calls to our agents on landlines or cell phones anywhere in the world, they can also accept calls on their computer using CTM’s browser phone. The great thing about the browser phone is that if for some reason an agent momentarily needs to take themselves out of the queue, they have a simple on/off button right in the CTM call log to accept/not accept calls. Also, if Verizon has a local phone outage (like happened here in Maryland), the browser phone is not affected at all.

The browser phone also offers us the capability to conference in other agents and transfer calls to other agents all through the computer. Office phone system capabilities- without the office phone system in play.

Finally, we are able to use our soft phone (browser phone) to be able to call our customers back from one of our tracking numbers, so that they recognize the number on their caller ID- and it gives the perception that we are in an office.

In short using the queues as well as our soft phones is great and helps us give our customers who are not snowed in the support they need.

To learn more about queues and soft phones please follow the links below.