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3 Key Takeaways from Our Town Hall on COVID-19 Response

by CallTrackingMetrics

With the ever-changing coronavirus situation, we understand it’s been a busy, stressful, and perhaps anxiety-inducing time for businesses everywhere as we all navigate and adapt to our new normal. You might be working from home for the first time while trying to manage a team of employees answering phone calls that are also doing the same. Or you’re attempting to figure out how to adapt your advertising strategy, knowing that your budget may be limited for the time-being and wondering how to find the right tone and approach for your advertisements. No doubt we’re all navigating changes to our revenue and business models and contemplating how long this situation could last.

How We’re Helping Customers Respond to COVID-19

In light of these changes, the team at CallTrackingMetrics came together on a town hall webinar yesterday to discuss candidly how we’re responding to COVID-19 internally, as well as to provide guidance on tools that can help maintain continuity for your business during this time. We covered:

  • How to adjust your sales outreach and prospecting strategy
  • Ways to support your newly-remote team
  • Trends we’re observing in the PPC landscape due to COVID and how to adapt your advertising strategy
  • How some of our CTM clients are navigating changes with their business

The second half was dedicated to live Q&A from the audience, and we had some great questions in there around how we’re keeping employees engaged, how to communicate changes to revenue or sales goals to your team, and how to handle cancellations or requests to suspend service from your customers.

The main takeaways?

Focus on empathy right now. The best companies will be those that treat their customers and employees with generosity and kindness during this time. Adapt this both into your outreach to sales contacts, as well as how you go about writing ad copy by remaining sensitive to the challenges we’re all facing right now and avoiding taking advantage of the situation.

Communicate more than ever. Explore new opportunities to engage with customers, such as texting or smart dialers, so that you are available when customers need you the most. Internally speaking, take the approach of over-communicating with your team. Schedule daily check-ins, even if for only 15 minutes, and try to stay positive and infuse fun still in the day-to-day, whether through team contests, virtual happy hours, or sharing stories/photos over team chat tools to stay engaged.

Keep calm and carry on. Although it’s stressful right now, think of our current situation as a dress rehearsal and preparation for expected future volatility. The things we do today will prepare us for long-term success. Be nimble when it comes to formulating your sales outreach and advertising strategy and budgets, and know that adjustments will need to be made daily, not weekly or monthly. With the right perspective and focus, you will get through this.

Watch the Presentation

Watch the presentation now to see all the tips on how your sales, support, marketing, and leadership team can adapt to meet the challenges presented by COVID-19.

Want more information? Visit our dedicated remote resource page for more best practices for maintaining communications and engagement while telecommuting.