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Announcing a Major Upgrade to Our Integration with HubSpot

by CallTrackingMetrics

We’ve introduced a new and improved version of our HubSpot integration!  The updated version allows for greater customization in terms of how you send and update information from CallTrackingMetrics into HubSpot. Get all your essential info from CallTrackingMetrics into HubSpot so your marketing and sales teams can listen to call audio within a customer’s contact record, discover which tracking sources are driving calls, and access a contact’s full history, all within HubSpot.

What’s new?

The updated HubSpot integration allows you to use triggers to control precisely how and when contacts are created or updated in your HubSpot account.  Create custom field mappings to put important data where you want it, map your CallTrackingMetrics agents to HubSpot users, and even automatically link contacts to companies or deals in your HubSpot account. You can also match HubSpot account owners with CallTrackingMetrics agents or set default owners to a record, such as the answering agent on a call.

How is this different from the legacy HubSpot integration?

The legacy HubSpot integration could sync calls into CallTrackingMetrics that met certain criteria, so that you could automatically create or update a contact record in HubSpot. However, this was limited in that you could only send through a caller’s first and last name, email, and phone numbers.

Now, with the new integration you can choose to sync information to any of your CRM tables — including contact, company, and deal records. Plus, any data points you have recorded in CallTrackingMetrics (including custom fields) can be mapped to an existing or custom HubSpot field record, so the possibilities are truly endless for what you can do.

Examples of how a customer might use triggers from CallTrackingMetrics to update custom fields in HubSpot:

  • Log when a purchase was made
  • Score a call based on quality
  • Set appointment time

The new integration also allows you to click on the HubSpot logo in the CallTrackingMetrics call log under a contact record, which will take you directly to that record in HubSpot. From there, you can play the call audio (if available) and review the tracking source associated with the call, all within HubSpot.

How do I get started?

This enhanced integration is available on Growth and Connect plans. To use the new integration, you will need to update your existing integration to reflect your desired triggers and field mappings. Visit our Support Hub for more information on how to get set up!