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Announcing Conditional Call Routing

by Todd Fisher

I’m very excited to announce a new routing feature this week: Conditional Routing.  For a long time, we have had the ability to route calls by area code or zip code using our GeoRoute tool. We’ve even had the ability to route callers to agents dynamically using a weighted priority based Call Queue, including round robin and simultaneous rings. Today, this newest routing technology makes it easier to do things like conditionally route a call based on if it is a repeat caller or if they have called within the last 7 days. Or conditionally route the call based on the detected landing page of incoming caller.

Conditional Router

The Conditional Router, opens up the possibility for many future enhanced routing conditional states in the future. The conditional states you can use right now for routing include: 

  • New caller
  • Last Called (you can set how long the window should be)
  • Time of the call
  • Name of the caller
  • City, state or country of the caller
  • Landing page
  • Referring page
  • Day of week
  • Month

You can enable Conditional Routing rules in your CallTrackingMetrics account by

  1. Going to numbers—> Conditional Routing
  2. Click  “New Conditional Router” button in upper right
  3. Set up your routing rules
  4. Go to numbers—-> tracking numbers and click edit next to the tracking number you want to add the router to.
  5. In the “Dial Routing” area of the edit number interface, choose “Conditionally Route Calls” in the dropdown, and then choose which Router you want to use.
  6. To apply this Router to multiple tracking numbers, click the “Save to Multiple Numbers” button right below where you choose the Router from the dropdown.

It’s a great complimentary feature to our newly announced GeoContact feature that dynamically displays tracking numbers local to the website visitor.

We’d love to hear how you would like to use this.  If you’re interested in learning more about how to set up Conditional Routing or if you have questions about our service in general, please give us a call at (888) 898-0513.