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CallTrackingMetrics Now Integrates with Mailchimp

by CallTrackingMetrics

Automate the list building and clean-up process for your teams working in Mailchimp.

Are you one of the many small businesses using Mailchimp to manage your email marketing program? Then we’re excited to share that you can now integrate your CallTrackingMetrics account with Mailchimp! Our new integration allows you to streamline how you manage contact lists across platforms. You’ll be able to automatically add or remove CallTrackingMetrics contacts into your Mailchimp contact lists, so you can seamlessly update your communications without bouncing back and forth between the two programs.

How the Integration Works

The integration is fairly simple to set up, and totally hands off once you have it up and running. You’ll use triggers to customize when a contact is added to or removed from a Mailchimp list from CallTrackingMetrics. In case you’re not familiar: triggers are used to automate processes in your account based on specific aspects of a call, such as applying tags, adding dollar values, sending text messages, or updating custom fields.  Actions can be triggered at the start or end of a call, or based on events detected during a call. Triggers can be applied to different groups of tracking numbers, so that you can have different actions taken for different advertising channels or customers in your account.

Create custom rules for your business to determine what will add or remove a contact to an existing Mailchimp list.

Perhaps you’ll want to add a contact to a Mailchimp list after a phone call lasting more than 2 minutes ends that came from Google Ads, or remove someone who mentions the word “cancel” on a call. The process will be automated so your team no longer needs to go in and manually update lists to reflect your contacts’ email preferences in Mailchimp. Make this integration work for your unique business needs by personalizing what fields you want to include in the Mailchimp contact records—such as first/last name, email, etc., or any other custom fields or criteria you capture in CallTrackingMetrics and want synced over to Mailchimp.

Take note: our integration currently allows you to update contact records for lists that already exist in Mailchimp.

Getting Started

The Mailchimp integration is available to customers on the Growth and Connect plans. To learn more about how to set up the integration, you can visit our help article for step-by-step instructions.