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The 7 Most Exciting Takeaways from Our Roadmap Webinar

by CallTrackingMetrics

Held every year, our roadmap webinar is a great opportunity for our team to sit down with our customers and share our vision for the year ahead, while also reflecting on the most impactful product and feature developments of the past year. This year’s session was one of our favorite conversations yet! Below, we share the top takeaways (in no particular order) from this year’s roadmap webinar and what’s on our radar for 2020.

      1. Enhanced Navigation Menu

        Across different types of SaaS products, customers are looking for a self-service platform where they can just jump right in and get started. One of our big initiatives for the year ahead is continuing to enhance our UI to make it easier to find what you need in the platform. We recently released a brand new left navigation menu, which you can preview now in the app. Toggle on the new menu option when you log in next, and let us know what you think. The new style should make it easier to access all your necessary routing, number configurations, reporting, and more, while also enabling our team to keep building out even more features that we can nest within this menu.

      2. In-App Guides

        In a similar vein, be on the lookout for new in-app guides to help you configure and optimize your account, right within our platform. Imagine a smart prompt that would notify you and suggest where you may need to add more tracking numbers to boost your accuracy scores, or letting you know if you have something improperly configured for your tracking number.

      3. Self-Guided Training and Certifications

        If you’re not already familiar with call tracking, it helps to get some guidance while getting started. While we offer a robust live training series and recorded webinars to help with this effort (and professional services packages if you want our team to just do the heavy lifting for you), in 2020 we’re looking to build out a completely self-service training portal, where you can complete your account set up and learn more about call tracking best practices all on your own schedule and pace. You can even get “CTM certified” to demonstrate you’ve gone through the training and passed the course exams.

      4. More Reporting Options

        From enhanced contact center reporting, to additional Google Data Studio templates, and diagnostic reports that quickly isolate any errors with your call tracking set-up, our team is committed to developing more ways for you to surface the essential metrics you need quickly.

      5. Live Chat for Prospecting

        Our live chat tool that we launched this year should be an essential part of your support toolkit for customers, but moving into 2020, we’re looking to expand the functionality to serve as a helpful sales prospecting tool as well so you can start proactively initiating  conversations with customers who visit your site, in addition to tracking the source that inspired those interactions, of course.

      6. Internal Team Chat

        Our Connect plan is about to become even more robust with the added ability for agents to chat internally with one another using the CallTrackingMetrics platform. You’ll be able to customize your agent settings to allow or restrict groups of agents (teams) to interact with one another individually. This is a great ways for agents to quickly share information with one another, without having to leave the platform or use a more cumbersome dialing method.

      7. Automated Reminders

        Be on the lookout soon for more details regarding our automated reminder feature, which should simplify how you can generate automatic text messages or calls to customers to remind them about an upcoming appointment, service session, etc. within CallTrackingMetrics. Communicating with customers in their preferred method will be easier than ever and contribute to increased customer satisfaction.

    Want to see the full conversation for yourself? Check out the recording now!