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[Video] CTM Founders Laure and Todd Fisher Share 2022 Predictions in Launchpad Summit Keynote

by Frances Miller

To kick off the 2021 CallTrackingMetrics Launchpad Summit, Todd and Laure Fisher sat down for a conversation with Erika Rollins, Director of Marketing. Our co-founders opened up about what’s powered them, and CTM, through 2021 and what’s just over the horizon in 2022 for our product, team, and community.

Reflecting on the Highs and Lows of 2020 and 2021

We asked Todd and Laure to share in a nutshell what helped CTM succeed in the midst of the pandemic, and anything they would have done differently.

The keys to our success:

  • Our software. Leading up to the pandemic, we had already been working on the agent experience.
  • Our purpose-driven culture. Our team members jumped in and were helping businesses transition to remote work.

What we could have done differently? With today’s hindsight, Laure shared that she thinks we could have been more aggressive in promoting the value of our product during the pandemic.

Trends in Call Tracking and Conversation Intelligence

Todd shared a few trends he’s seen in the call tracking and conversation intelligence areas, and how he is factoring these trends into the CTM product roadmap.

  • Digital advertising budgets continued to grow. E-commerce exploded. This means it’s even more important for advertisers to know how their spend is paying off.
  • Making up for labor shortages with automation. We’re looking for ways to automate tedious tasks for our customers.
  • Video conferencing became ubiquitous in B2B, and we expect it to get more usage in B2C. CTM developers are working on integrations to bring these video conversations into the fold with calls, chats, and texts.
  • SMS Messaging continues to soar. Moving forward it will become more accessible to small businesses.
  • Balancing convenience with privacy. Focusing on first-party data will be important in the coming year.

What’s the biggest opportunity in the call tracking and conversation intelligence areas? Todd says it’s the connection of the marketing and sales teams.

Resolutions for Leaders in 2022

Business leaders faced plenty of hurdles over the past year, so we asked Laure and Todd for the leadership traits that leaders will need to work on in 2022.

  • Agility. Laure reflected on how the pandemic forced us and our teams to be agile. Moving into 2022, she is thinking about how to keep this level of energy and openness to change.
  • Nurturing your people. It’s very hard to find good people, and employees’ priorities have shifted, so leaders must make sure to take care of their people. We’ve determined that professional development needs to be a very high priority for us.
  • Servant leadership. We need strong leaders who show empathy with their team.
  • Purpose. Find the “why” in your organization. Why should customers be excited about working with you? Leaders need to find the higher level of purpose in their work, and help their team to feel that purpose as well. For CTM, our purpose boils down to working with each other, and helping our customers.

How to Impress Consumers in 2022

Over the past year and a half, businesses were rapidly innovating out of necessity. As we enter 2022, we asked Laure and Todd what consumer trends they’re thinking about, and how to address consumer needs.

Key takeaways:

  • Think about how you can make your customer the hero. What are you doing to solve your customer’s problem, and how can you use that to make them feel good about themselves?
  • Customize experiences without sacrificing privacy.
  • Use your mission to speak to passive shoppers. Consumers are seeing ads everywhere, whether they’re in market or not. Incorporating your company values into ads can appeal to passive shoppers who aren’t ready to buy, but will see and remember your brand.

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