Contact Center Tools

Live Listen & Call Recording for Managers – Why it’s a Great Training Tool.

by Jason Smith

Caveman and computer

Since the dawn of time, sales managers have been listening in on their rep’s calls to track productivity, evaluate performance, and identify coaching opportunities.

My first experience with a call center was in the late 90’s- doing third party verification for one of the largest phone companies in the world. Once a savvy telemarketer, I actually got someone to agree to switch his or her long distance provider-it was our role to get the consumer to agree to the transaction in no uncertain terms via a recording. Performance was measured by how quickly an agent could get through a 3-page, ‘choose your own adventure’ style script and close out the call. To make sure we were hitting all the high notes in the script, the call center supervisors would walk around twirling their headsets equipped with a “Y” cable. Moving between cubicle aisles with the swagger of a Las Vegas pit boss, looking for a good place to cut in, being careful not to disturb the integrity of a recording while he or she did their spot checks. All of the recordings were kept in huge inefficient databases that would later get them fined by the FCC due to the phone company’s inability to access the recordings and prove the transactions took place.    

I think of this experience every time I use the CallTrackingMetrics live listen feature. CallTrackingMetrics’ cloud-based software allows you to monitor in real-time, the calls your agents are handling from virtually anywhere. You can also tag, filter, export, and listen to a the recordings for every call made to a tracking number, or outbound call made via the browser Softphone. CallTrackingMetrics keeps all of the call recordings for the life of your service.

In addition to giving call center managers the ability to live listen and access call recordings, we are also enabling them with several other tools that track and measure the success of their agents. Tools like Transcriptions and Keyword spotting, speech analytics, call scoring and dispositions. All of the call tracking features and functionality that I’m certain my past call center supervisors would’ve found invaluable.