Agent Performance

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner! 7 Ways to Motivate Your Team

by Erika Rollins

Businesses with highly engaged workforces are 43 percent more productive than their less enthused peers, but 71 percent of us are not as motivated as we should be. The result is a loss of $300 billion in productivity every year, nationwide. If you suspect your business is part of that 71 percent, it might be time to kick employee engagement up a notch. Bring motivation, positivity, and increased productivity to your team with these seven tips for upping your energy, overcoming obstacles, and raising the roof:

1. Game your goals – Turn daily tasks into competitions and milestones into quests. Reward accomplishment, recognize winners, and make things fun. You can even create missions that help employees partake in training in their spare time. Also try encouraging employees to use social media. You’ll generate a positive buzz about your team’s achievements, your workplace, and the culture of fun productivity you’re creating—with the side benefit of wooing prospective customers and recruits.

2. Share leadership responsibilities – With a lack of engagement often comes the grumble of, “If I were in charge…” So put everyone in charge—for a meeting or a project. Let different employees’ talents, styles, and passions get noticed as they direct the course of meetings or steer projects that they feel strongly about. This strategy not only builds engagement, but also helps train employees for leadership positions.

3. Volunteer – Lots of businesses talk the talk about the importance of their community, but fewer actually take the time to give back. Consider dedicating some of your business hours to allow your entire team to volunteer for a worthy cause. Even better—assign an employee to take over the job of organizing this effort. Besides showing that compassion comes from the top, volunteering together will also boost teamwork and group bonding—the ultimate win-win.

4. Keep everyone in the know – Secrecy can foster an atmosphere of fear, while openly sharing details of upcoming initiatives, product launches, and other privileged info generates trust. Your employees are adults who deserve to know the truth—good or bad. Be straightforward but optimistic about the challenges you face and outline your needs from every department. Your employees will emerge energized and armed with the info they need to help you succeed.

5. Change things up – If you usually spring for lunch or doughnuts on Fridays, surprise your employees with a catered Monday meal. Or mix up teams or departments for a day; staff members will get a better idea about what others do and how they can better interact with that other group—or even offer some innovations that might not have occurred to the usual members.

6. Listen. Really listen – Your employees have real concerns about how they work, how they live, what the future holds, and what’s expected of them. Have managers really take time to know and understand their team members, or have employees fill out surveys about the business—better yet, both. Anonymous assessments will offer you part of the puzzle, and talking in person help fill in the missing pieces.

7. Then act – Knowing what concerns, interests, and engages your employees is one thing. Doing something about it is another. This list is a good start, but there’s no one better qualified than a well-informed manager or business owner to understand the needs of your workers. It might take some time, some effort, and some money to find ways to motivate your employees. But if you engage your employees, your efforts will be rewarded in increased productivity—saving you time, turnovers, and money in the long run.

At CallTrackingMetrics, employee success is a top priority. We have fun as a team, working towards a common goal to drive our product forward and delight our customers everyday. We even use our own software to monitor and reward staff achievements! Management regularly reviews call recordings and transcriptions, and top performers are recognized for outstanding customer service. Keyword spotting allows us to quickly spot calls that are going especially well. Team performance metrics like call volume, average scores, conversion and resolution rates are also tracked using our Agent Reporting in CTM.

We also like to celebrate team efforts with office lunches, parties, happy hours, and boat cruises. Looking for an innovative, fast-growing place to grow your skills? Join our team.