Contact Center Tools

Voice Analytics for Call Centers

by Merry Keane

How can I identify my call escalations? Is it possible to track my customers who are canceling their service? How would I automate the process for categorizing my calls? These are some of the many questions the CallTrackingMetrics team received last week from Call Center Managers at the ICMI Contact Center Expo & Conference in Orlando, FL.

Voice analytics has been a fast growing aspect of the call tracking industry. CallTrackingMetrics offers Keyword Spotting which is a feature that analyzes phone calls for the presence (or lack of) designated keywords in the audio of a call. This is a great way for call centers to identify different types of calls and select actions to take automatically as the keywords are detected.

Creating a Keyword Spotting rule is as simple as 1, 2, 3…

  1. Select keywords to look for in the audio of a call
  2. Add a filter to your calls for conditional factors i.e. only calls over 90 seconds
  3. Choose an action to take when we find a match

Here are some of the ways Keyword Spotting rules can help call centers monitor and coach agents to boost sales and improve customer service:

  • Reduce customer attrition: If someone mentions words like “upset” or “mad” tag this call as “unhappy customer”. Send a text or email notification to your team lead so they know to follow up with the customer.
  • Track escalations: Look for words like “speak with supervisor” or “manager” tag this call as “escalation” and rate it with one star.
  • Appointment scheduling confirmation: If someone mentions “scheduled” or “appointment”, automatically tag the call with “appointment scheduled” or automatically mark it as converted. You will see all tags in your call log as well as in the call log export and you can filter any of your calls by tags like this.
  • Spot trends: Which of your products are your customer more interested in? Add the names of your different products and as they’re detected automatically tag the call as the product. This is a great way to segment your calls based on customer interest.

By categorizing and reviewing your calls you’ll be able to easily identify areas of opportunity for your call center. Whether it’s identifying the need for new processes or recognizing an agent who is ready for that next step in their career. Take your call reporting to the next level with voice analytics by selecting “Keyword Spotting” from the Reporting drop down menu in your CallTrackingMetrics account.