Announcing Call Queue’s and Outbound Calling

We have been busy! These latest enhancements to the CallTrackingMetrics software allow you to:

New Role Type: Agents 

You can now add users to the system with the new “Agent” role type. Agents are able to view just the calls in the

Adding New Agent to CTM

call log that they have answered as well as make outbound calls.  Each agent can have their own receiving number, picture, and schedule of availability. If no schedule is entered, it is assumed that the agent is always available to be part of a queue.

Agents can be part of a call queue and accept calls that way or you can assign an agent to a call using the “set agent” feature in the agent column of the call log. 



Call Queue’s (Now found within the numbers drop-down)

From this page you can:

Call Queue
Call Queue

Within a call queue, as calls come in, available agents can answer and can take the call by pressing 1 after the prompt. At that point, the call is considered answered and it wont be available to other agents.

The call log will automatically display the agent that accepted the call in the “receiving” column.


Outbound Calling (Now found in the call log)

Click Phone Button to Make Outbound Call
Click Phone Button to Make Outbound Call

While we have previously had the ability to return calls from the call log, agents can now initiate brand new outbound calls using the new orange “Phone” button found in the call log.

These outbound calls are listed in the call log with their audio recording with an outbound icon and are associated to the correct agent placing the call. You can also now view outbound calls by agent in the new calls by agent report.


Post Call Scoring (Now found within the calls dropdown.)

This feature allows you to customize the “score” column (previously named the “sale column) of the call log.  In this customization, you can choose to include fields like conversions, ratings, tags and notes. The scoring questions you choose will be presented to agents whenever they are viewing the call log to take inbound calls or place outbound calls so they are sure to complete the information in the moment. The results are all surfaced in the new calls by agent report.

Scoring Calls









Calls by Agent Report (Now found within the calls reports)

This new report shows you stats by agent such as inbound calls, outbound calls, conversions, revenue, average talk time and average ratings for calls. It’s a great tool to manage the performance of your customer service or sales agents.

Enjoy! And as always, let us know if you run into any issues using these new features or if you have any suggestions for future enhancements.