Call Log Enhancements

We are excited to announce several enhancements to our call log that allow our customers to more easily organize and quickly access caller information.

Tag Calls
You have always been able to enter in notes for each call (which many of our customers use to jot down important details while on the phone)… Now, you can also tag your calls using a free form tagger. This enables you to categorize calls based on tags that make sense for your business. You can search through calls by these tags and can include them in your export into excel.

call metrics

Search Interface
Additionally, we have simplified the search and filter interface of the call log. You can keyword search and filter by date on the main screen. By clicking “more”, you get the ability to search by tags, search by excluded/non-excluded and adjust how many calls are showed on the page.

Caller History
Finally, we have now added a caller history tab in the visitor insights for the call. This surfaces the date and time of any other calls associated with the caller and also shows notes from the previous calls. This will be very useful for quickly understanding the history of a caller situation.

We hope these enhancements are useful! Please let us know if you have any suggestions for other enhancements and/or any feedback on these new features.