CallTrackingMetrics and Zapier


We are very excited to announce our integration with Zapier.    With this integration complete you’ll be able to easily integrate CallTrackingMetrics with over 173 (and growing) services.   These services include: Google Docs,  Basecamp, AIM, Gtalk, Zoho, SugarCRM, HubSpot, Salesforce, and many many more.

Here’s great overview of Zapier:

Here are a few example use cases to try with Zapier and CallTrackingMetrics.

Google Docs Integrationgdocs-icon

After a call completes we’ll update the associated sheet with a new row of caller data.  We find this to be very useful when building automated reports.

Here’s a sample of the sheet, you’d want to setup a head of time to look like the following:

Call Data in a Google SpreadSheet

As calls are received new call rows are appended to the sheet allowing you generate reports within the sheet or feed into other external reporting tools.

Gtalk Integrationgtalk-icon

Receive a notification after calls complete within Google Talk.   We found this very helpful for keeping on top of call review.


Zoho CRMZoho Integration

Add Calls as new Leads directly and easily into your Zoho CRM.    New leads show up automatically with the callers number and name.


raven-iconRaven Tools Integration

With Raven Tools you’ll be able to automatically integrate all the valuable keyword data collected from CallTrackingMetrics.    This is a great way to help optimize your search campaigns with real call keyword data.


Those are just a few of the services you can quickly setup and integrate with once you have your CallTrackingMetrics and Zapier accounts created.

To get started with CallTrackingMetrics you can create your account here and get your first phone number for as little as $3 per month.