The Perfect Solution for a 100% Virtually Managed Call Center

In order to help our potential clients better understand how call tracking can benefit them we set out and interviewed several of our current client in different industries. Asking them how CallTrackingMetrics has improved their marketing endeavors. We’ve received several responses which we will be highlighting in posts throughout February.

Here’s Deans Story:

I was looking for a cloud-based system that allowed us to support a 100% virtually managed call center team. CallTrackingMetrics provided us with the perfect solution offering me not only a call management system, it also allowed us to tracking a very integrated marketing strategy.

CallTrackingMetrics is able to offer online source tracking, google analytics integration, keyword tracking, multi-queue call handling, and softphone integration, utilizing these tools was one of technology-based secret weapons in tripling our revenue in 2014.

CallTrackMetrics was easy to configure, and easy to use giving us an A-Z solution from tracking marketing and managing our sales team’s call management.

CallTrackingMetrics provides 5 star customer service and even implemented important functionally that helped take our company to the next level. We we started using CTM we were a small business but as we are scaling our growth CTM is still a perfect fit as we move in to midsize company and we look forward to working with them as our company develops and matures.

Dean S.

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