Track Form Conversions with CallTrackingMetrics’ FormReactor

How many times have you filled out an online form and waited hours or even days for the company to respond to your inquiry? It’s frustrating, and if you’re anything like me you’ll probably start looking into other options after a short period of time.  It makes the business you were interested in appear to be unorganized and uninterested in your business. The good news is that CallTrackingMetrics’ click-to-call form (the FormReactor) makes it incredibly easy for businesses to immediately follow up on form leads coming from their website.

The FormReactor is a powerful tool that can help drive better quality leads for businesses, enable agents and call centers to seal the deal while the lead is still hot, and ultimately increase sales. In an effort to help raise awareness on this feature that is already available to CallTrackingMetrics’ customers, we did our own experiment with the FormReactor and also interviewed customers who have used it.

First, what is the FormReactor?

  • It’s a tool included in our Marketing and Contact Center plans.
  • It allows businesses to create a custom click-to-call form for their website and landing pages.
  • Every time a potential customer fills out the form, as soon as they click the submit button, the form reacts and automatically calls the business  and alerts the answering agent with a custom whisper letting them know there’s been a FormReactor submission.
  • Once the agent accepts the call, the FormReactor automatically connects the agent to an outbound call to the customer who submitted the form.
  • This is a win-win scenario, the customer receives excellent and speedy customer service and the agent is able contact the customer at the instant they were interested in the product.

formreactor graphic

Putting the FormReactor to the Test:

In our own experiments with the FormReactor, we embedded the form in our Google Adwords landing pages with the calls going directly to our sales department. Our sales team was very pleased with it, saying, “The clients were often impressed with the speedy response and it allowed us to provide in depth information on our product before they lost interest”.

We also asked some of our customers who are utilizing the FormReactor what type of results they have seen:

John Thornton of Black Propeller, said “[We] love it! The FormReactor makes [our] jobs easier by eliminating the need to manually review and respond to form submissions. It also helps them convert more sales by establishing a superior level of customer service right from the start. When you respond to a customer’s inquiry almost immediately, you really look like you’re on top of your game.”

Pete Schauer of “Our clients love the technology behind FormReactor because it allows for quicker communication with the potential customer or client. It helps to reduce lag time between the person wanting to speak to someone and them actually getting on the phone with them, which has lead to increased leads and sales across the board.”

Since agents and customers all have a positive reaction to the FormReactor, it must be tricky to set up, right? Wrong. Like most implementation in CallTrackingMetrics, the FormReactor can be set up and implemented on your site within just a few minutes. John Thornton said, “The basic setup was quite simple and user-friendly. Customizing the forms style was slightly more complex, and required some basic knowledge of HTML and CSS. We want our forms to integrate seamlessly with the designs of our websites and landing pages, and we were able to achieve that with the custom CSS.”

If you’re looking for a way to convert more of your web visitors into customers, the FormReactor is the way to go. John Thornton said it best, “Just like any other marketing tool, it’s all about testing, analyzing and testing some more.”

To get started, existing CallTrackingMetrics customers can simply go to the FormReactor page within Account Settings and start building their form. To become a customer, visit CallTrackingMetrics’ website to sign up. The FormReactor is available through our Marketing and Contact Center plans.

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