Dynamically Replacing a Phone Number on your Website with a Tracking Number

Call Tracking Metrics is able to track how customers calling your business found your website. By following our easy 3 step setup process, your business phone number(s) will dynamically update with a tracking number, based on which referring website your customer came from (i.e. Google Paid, Yahoo Organic, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

Setting Up Your Call Tracking Metrics Account

In order to set-up your account, you will be prompted to follow three simple steps.

Step 1 asks for your business number (this is the number listed on your website). This is the phone number that all of your tracking numbers will forward to. If you have more than one business number on your website you will be able to add additional business numbers after completing the 3 steps.

Step 2 allows you to set-up your tracking sources by simply clicking on the source you would like created. Each tracking source is linked to a tracking number. You can search for a specific tracking number or area code.

Step 3 provides the code that will need to be inserted into the header of the website being tracked. Adding this code is as easy as installing Google Analytics code.

Once all three steps are complete, you will begin to track all of your calls that were a result of a customer visiting your website through a source being tracked in your Call Tracking Metrics account.

How it Works

In step 2, we used the example tracking source Yahoo Organic and have outlined below how the Yahoo Organic tracking number will show on the advertisers website when a customer clicks on the advertisers organic listing in Yahoo.

1. A customer searches for the advertiser and clicks the organic link in Yahoo to view the advertisers website.

2. The phone number on the website will dynamically change to show the tracking number associated with the Yahoo Organic tracking source. The number is dynamically replaced because the Call Tracking Metrics code automatically finds the business number that was setup in step one and replaces this number with the Yahoo tracking number that was set-up in step 2, based on the Yahoo referring URL. You will notice the phone number in the screenshot below matches the tracking number linked to Yahoo Organic that was set-up during step 2.

When a customer calls the Yahoo Organic tracking number, their call details will be recorded in the call log.

Yahoo Organic Call Log
*Names and Numbers have been disguised to protect users identity

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