Enhancements to Reports

We recently rolled out a series of new reports that allow our customers to quickly tap into the cuts of call tracking data that will impact the way they run their business.

The first two, “Calls by Day” and “Calls by Hour”, allow you to view timing patterns in your call volume. These reports will be important resources for businesses looking to make resource allocation decisions around their call patterns.  They can also be very useful in making decisions about when the best times are to run advertisements.

Calls by Day
Call by Hour






“Calls by Landing” is another new report that we added based on customer feedback. This report allows you to see the first page a caller saw when they entered your website. This can provide rich information about which landing pages are performing well, which pages may be provoking questions etc.  In the report, you can view this information for all tracking sources or filter it to see just calls related to a specific tracking source. You can also filter by date range.



Another report we added is “Calls by Referrer” which quickly shows you which referring websites are driving traffic that is leading to phone calls for your business. This is especially useful for customers who have a referral tracking number set up through Call Tracking Metrics.  Not only can you see the referring websites leading to phone calls, but you can also dig deeper to see the actual pages of the referring websites that are sending callers to your way.


Finally (last but not least!) is the “Calls by Keyword” report which is a roll up of the valuable keyword information that is currently surfaced in the call log. This allows you to see which keywords are driving search traffic (paid and organic) to your website that is resulting in phone calls. This has tremendous impact on the management of your paid and organic search marketing efforts and allows you to tweak your offering towards those keywords that are generating quality inbound calls.


All of these new reports can be found under the “Reports” menu on the main navigation. They can also be found on the new left rail navigation when you are within any of the new reports.

They are also all exportable to CSV.

We hope these enhancements are useful for you. As always, if you have any feedback for us, don’t hesitate to let us know.