FormReactor: Click to Call Forms from CallTrackingMetrics

CallTrackingMetrics is excited to announce our latest product innovation: FormReactor

FormReactors are click to call forms that sit on your website that visitors fill out to initiate an immediate callback.  As forms are completed, calls are immediately generated to your sales team and appear in your CallTrackingMetrics call log alongside your other tracked calls.  All of the critical advertising channel information that you are used to seeing for your calls will also be tracked for your form leads- so you’ll immediately see which keywords, ads, campaigns, and landing pages are leading to form submissions.

How Does It Work?

1. Create a FormReactor form in your CTM account: FormReactors are found in the settings menu

  • Customize fields: phone number, name, and email address are all fields you can add.

  • Add your own custom CSS to the form so that it fits right into the look and feel of your website.

  • Configure who on your team should receive phone calls each time a form is completed.

2. Embed the form on your website: Super easy to install– just make sure you also have the CTM dynamic tracking code installed as well so we can track important data about each of your form leads.

3. Visitors complete your form: After a website visitor completes your form, we will initiate a call to the “Number to Call” (for example: your sales person). The sales person will hear a message asking whether they would like to connect to the website visitor now and can press 1 to connect or press 2 to hang up. If they press 1, we’ll initiate the call to connect the sales member to the website visitor’s phone number. As the calls are connected to the leads, the lead will see the tracking number that had seen on your website as the caller ID on the incoming phone call.

4. Watch your leads roll in: Calls generated from form leads will appear in your call log in a yellow shade and they will have a form icon in the source column. You can listen to the audio recordings of all of these calls and see all of the advertising source information (keywords, adgroups etc) that led to that lead!


FormReactor is currently in beta so we welcome any feedback you have on where you would like to see this feature go. It is currently available to customers on the CTM silver plans and above.

You can reach us with questions or comments at:

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