How BBQGuys Captured a 20% Increase in Conversions from Paid Ads in Just 30 Days

The Challenge

BBQGuys, an online retailer specializing in outdoor kitchen appliances and living spaces, first encountered CallTrackingMetrics when they were looking for a way to track conversions coming from their advertising investments. Their goal, in particular, was to increase their ROAS (return on ad spending) from paid channels such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Twitter. Their first step was to capture how much revenue different ads generated, which would then enable their marketing team to better allocate funds into higher-performing campaigns to drive more overall revenue.

Why CallTrackingMetrics

When evaluating different providers, BBQGuys decided to go with CallTrackingMetrics given the affordability of the product and and easy point of entry, since they wouldn’t be tied into an annual or monthly contract. Also key was the ability to manage multiple sites within one master account.

Their development team was impressed with the available open API documentation and technical support staff, who were on hand to assist as they worked to integrate CallTrackingMetrics directly into the BBQGuys native ordering system. By building this direct integration, the BBQGuys team was able to track revenue coming from sales and conversions down to the keyword and product group level for both Google Ads and Microsoft Ads—their highest priority areas for increasing ROAS.

We saw a 20% increase within the first 30 days in tracked sales and conversions from Google and Microsoft Ads alone.

The Solution

It didn’t take long for BBQGuys to start realizing results on CallTrackingMetrics. With the new tracking components in place, the team was able to nail down performance across their channels very quickly and implement effective changes.

Sample calls by source report in CallTrackingMetrics.

“We saw a 20% increase within the first 30 days in tracked sales and conversions from Google and Microsoft Ads alone,” shared Christopher Erckert, the company’s Senior SEM Analyst. “That is a substantial amount of signals we can use to better guide our manual, programmatic, and machine learning based campaigns, which in turn automatically increase the accuracy in the reallocation of ad spend in those channels.” The BBQGuys team relied on metrics coming in through powerful integrations with Google Ads and Analytics to determine their next steps.

“Call tracking, combined with revenue tracking, is a challenge from the start,” Erckert added. “For us, the critical end result was delivering higher ROAS, and CallTrackingMetrics helped us get there.” The BBQGuys team continues to work closely with CallTrackingMetrics to optimize ongoing ad spend across all their paid channels and drive revenue for their company.

About BBQGuys

BBQGuys is America’s online leader for grills and outdoor living products. Their expert product reviews and free outdoor kitchen design services have helped over 750,000 nationwide customers release their inner grill master. With over 20 years in business, 280 brands to choose from and new products being loaded to their site every day, they have something for everyone’s individual needs. BBQGuys is currently celebrating its 11th consecutive year on the INC5000 list of fastest growing businesses as well as the IR500 list of fastest growing online retailers.

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