New Agency User Features

We have now made it easier for agencies to add and manage users for their agency and their client accounts.

Here’s how the new features work:

1) See All Users For Agency: When you are logged into a client account and you go to “Manage Users”, you can now click “Show All For Agency” in the top right of the manage users page. This allows you to see and manage the users for all of your accounts within your agency so you don’t have to switch back and forth to different accounts each time to make a change.

view all users for agency

2) Adding New Users: Now, you can add users for any of your accounts in one place. When you click “Add a new user”, you will see a new set of options. You can choose to assign a user a variety of roles across accounts (account admin for one, report manager for another etc).

users for call tracking metrics agency


3) Agency Admin: There is now a new role type, Agency Administrator, which has full access to manage your agency profile and all accounts within your agency. You can have more than one agency administrator.

If you are logged in as an agency administrator, and click to add a new user, you will see the option to add another agency administrator at the bottom of the page.  An agency administrator has the ability to manage all aspects of the agency, including full access to all accounts within the agency. You don’t need to worry about setting up specific account access for agency admins, they automatically have admin access to everything.