New Call Tracking ROI Reporting is Live

call tracking advertising roi report We are excited to announce the release of our new ROI reports, which are now available to our clients through Business Plus plans and above. These new reports enable you to track your advertising costs and revenue side by side with your inbound call performance, providing you with rich information on the results of your efforts. They also allow you to monitor the performance of your Customer Service Reps and report on their sales.

How does it work?

These reports, integrate the call tracking data you are used to seeing with advertising cost, sales revenue, and customer service rep performance.

Advertising Cost: 

Each month, you will enter your monthly advertising costs for each campaign on the ROI dashboard report. (you can set defaults on the ROI settings page)

Sales Revenue/Customer Service Rep Performance: 

On a regular basis, you will want to click on the new SALES icon in the call log and enter the following for each of your calls:

  • Customer Service Rep (CSR) assigned to the call
  • Indicate if the call closes
  • If it does close, enter a revenue amount
  • Rate the CSR’s performance on the call

Specific Reports Included in the New ROI Reports Section:

ROI Dashboard- Shows you the ROI for each of your advertising campaigns allowing you to track results over time and compare campaigns. In addition to ROI, you are able to view and compare call volume, cost per call, % of calls booked, and revenue for each campaign.

CSR (Customer Service Rep) Overview- Takes a deeper dive into the performance of each of your CSR’s by looking at % of calls booked, revenue booked, average revenue booked per call, and average performance tracking service rep performance

Sales Forecasting Tool- Imagine being able to forecast revenue coming from each of your advertising campaigns for the coming month? This tool factors in the historic performance of each of your campaigns and projects revenue based on advertising budgets you enter.

detail on advertising roi report If you have any questions about the reports or would just like a walk through of how to use them, feel free to contact us: (410) 384-4910 or