Planning Halloween Photo Contests

Planning a Costume Contest? 

It’s that time of year again with ghosts and goblins all around. If you want to run a contest this is one of the best times of the year. Everyone likes to dress up and be apart of the action; babies, toddlers, teens, adults, even pets!

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Get your businesses name out there by running a fun contest that almost everyone will enjoy. You can use CallTrackingMetrics text messaging to manage your contest entries! Give out a tracking number that has enabled incoming text messaging turned on and the entries will all come into the text messaging log.

From the text log you can read the entries, see the photos, and reply to the text all in one place. Making your contest easy as pumpkin pie to manage. CallTrackingMetrics can help you manage your contest, here are a few ideas on how to get the details of your contest out to the public.

Sweepstakes Forums

There are many forums just for people who want to know what contest are going on and signing up for them through these forums.


Send out an email blast to your current customers.

Social Media

Get the word out about your contest through Twitter and Facebook.

Good luck and have a spooktacular time with your contest!