New Features: Email Alerts and Source Whisper

Based on popular demand, we just added two new features to the Call Tracking Metrics product that will help our customers translate calls into booked business.

New Features

  1. Source Announcement Whisper: A short message will play to the receiver of a call before the call connects. The message will identify the source of the call. For example: “this call is from google organic”.  This message allows the receiver to tailor their approach to the call based on the source and will lead to more closed business!
  2. Email Notifications:  An email will automatically be sent each time a phone call comes in through one of your tracking numbers. This allows you to know about missed calls immediately and to keep track of call performance. If you are an API user, you can also choose to have an http request sent for each phone call.

How to get started

  1. Source Announcement Whisper: Go to the account settings page (within the settings menu) . In the “Call settings” section, you will see the place to enable your “source announcement message”.
  2. Email Notifications: Go to the notifications page (within the settings menu). Choose the “add a new notification” button and complete the fields required. You can manage your notifications here as well. (see screenshot below)

Now you will know about every call lead right away and you can match the right approach to each incoming call.

Let us know if you have any questions or if we can be of assistance in any way.