Using Your Google Paid Tracking Number as a Call Extension in AdWords

Implementing Call Tracking Metrics allows advertisers to track if a customer calls through an Call Extension or by visiting the advertisers website and calling the tracking number displayed on the website.  This article provides instructions on how to set-up a tracking number as a Call Extension in AdWords.  For more information on tracking customers calling the tracking number listed on the website, please read the article titled Dynamically Replacing a Phone Number with a Tracking Number.

Setting Up Call Extensions in AdWords Using Your Tracking Number

In order to set-up a tracking number as a Call Extension, the advertiser will need to have a paid tracking number set-up in their Call Tracking Metrics account.

Google Paid Tracking Number

Setting up the Call Extension can be done by signing into the AdWords account for which the Call Extension will be set-up and clicking the ad extensions tab. Make sure the “View” selected displays “Call Extensions” and click “New Extension”, then select the campaign in which you would like to link the extension (you can add the same tracking number to each campaign, you will just have to setup each campaign’s call extension separately). Click “Select Extension” then “Create new extensions” and enter the same tracking number that you set-up for Google Paid in your Call Tracking Metrics account. Click “Save” and your tracking number will begin to show in your ad as an ad extension.

The image below shows how the call extension will appear in your ad. You will notice that the tracking number set-up in the Call Tracking Metrics account matches the tracking number displaying in the ad.

AdWords Call Extensions

Viewing Google Paid Calls in your Call Log

You can access and review all calls in your call log that originated from the AdWords Call Extension or from a visitor clicking on your ad and calling the tracking number on the website.  Your Google Paid calls will display with the keyword that was searched. By setting up any paid or organic source, Call Tracking Metrics will automatically display the keyword that was searched at no extra charge.

Call Tracking Call Log

For more information about adding Call Extensions or keyword level tracking, please visit our website or contact us at (410) 394-9424.