Voice Options


Have you seen this new control and wondered what the little icons do?


The first icon actually controls the “voice” for text-to-speech. When you click it, the control will show you options for “Generic Male”, “Generic Female”, or “Awesome Alice.” voiceoption-voice-2

Awesome Alice can speak many different languages with a “proper” accent.


Press the “play” icon to listen to the text you have typed into the control.voiceoption-play-1

You can also upload your own recordings. Clicking the “upload” icon


will open a window that will allow you to upload your own audio.


After you choose and upload your file, the control will say “recorded audio.” Press the “play” icon to listen to the uploaded recordings. The upload icon also gives you access to recordings you previously uploaded and built in system recordings like “ringing” and “classical.”

Last, but not least, the “microphone” icon allows you to make a recording from your computer or a phone call.


After clicking on the microphone, you can choose to start recording from your computer,


or we can call your phone number to make the recording.


Have fun with the new voice option control.