WordPress Plugin Support – Ridiculously Simple!

Now it is easier than ever to install Call Tracking Metrics in your WordPress site.

The plugin makes it super easy to get started.   Install the plugin by clicking “Add new” in the WordPress plugin menu.  Next you can find it by typing “Call Tracking Metrics”.   Click Install and the plugin will be installed into the “Settings” menu.

Next login to your Call Tracking Metrics account and make sure you have setup a few phone numbers.  For example, we have selected the following tracking sources:

After you have applied the tracking sources, click next and copy the embed code.  You can also access the embed code from the main menu under “tracking sources”. Either follow the link or click and copy the code.



With the code in your clipboard – paste it into your WordPress plugin, under “Settings” -> “Call Tracking Metrics”

That’s all it takes to get started.   We hope you find this plugin as simple and useful as we do!