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How would an agency bill their clients for call tracking?

by CallTrackingMetrics

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Our call tracking and call management software is extremely flexible, which means that businesses of all sizes in various industries become customers. While our Business Plan is great for small businesses, and our Contact Center Plan is great for larger companies with more complex needs, our Marketing Plan sits right in the middle. One type of customer that our Marketing Plan works very well for is agencies.

We offer a unique way for our agency customers to sell call tracking to their clients, and bill for their account usage. When customers learn this, they often reach out to our friendly support team with questions about setup and reporting. We connected with support engineer and web-based software slinger Matt Horstmann to learn more about the conversations that he often has with our users.

The subtleties of agency reporting for sub-accounts

Guest post written by: Support Engineer Matt Horstmann

Customers often ask me about the best way to view their costs for each of their sub-accounts, and I always refer them to our Account Usage Report as the first and best solution. This is a great way to view and export the usage costs grouped by sub-account, tracking numbers, or for a single account for any timeframe you’d like to review.

Here’s an example of a typical exchange I have with customers who want to learn more about agency billing and usage reports.

We’re a marketing agency with a few sub-clients on our CallTrackingMetrics account. Is there any way to see the account usage for one specific client at a time? We need to bill them for it.

I recommend starting with the Account Usage report to view this information.

To get there, first click on “Reporting”,  and then click on “Account Usage”. By default, this will report on the current account, but you can also click “All Accounts” in the top right to get a full report. That’s also where you’ll be able to adjust your date range options, and select the time range you need to bill for.

So, the Total shown in the Total Cost column is the total cost for that account for that timeframe?

Correct,  and there is also a “Totals” line item, that is the total of all totals.

Can I export the information on this page, or generate a report from it?

Definitely, it’s called the Account Usage Report. That will include the quantity of calls, text messages, Tracking Number renewals, and premium feature costs such as Enhanced Caller ID and Transcriptions. We even break this down further to indicate the number of calls versus billable minutes, and similarly the number of text messages versus the billable text message segments (for example, long text messages broken out into segments due to character limits). This breakdown can also help you identify trends in long calls and lengthy text messaging that could be causing an increase in your costs.

Anything else I should know?

You can also use the Account Usage Report to create invoices to charge your clients. This can be especially helpful if you are applying any Price Markups to your clients for the services they are utilizing in our system.

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