Call Tracking

Call Tracking for Agencies: Added Expense or Added Value?

by CallTrackingMetrics

Every day CallTrackingMetrics helps advertising and marketing agencies across the world track their phone calls in order to optimize their campaigns around which ads are performing and which are not.

Working in the Sales Department here, I’m frequently asked by prospective agencies how they can justify the cost because call tracking is sometimes perceived as an added cost not an added value.

A unique aspect of CallTrackingMetrics is we provide value in not just your marketing but across your company as whole…

Differentiate yourself amongst the competition. How many of your competitors are currently offering call tracking? This is a great way to add value by giving your clients access to the  platform (that can be white labeled) where they can see their calls, listen to recordings, follow up on missed calls, etc.

Ever have clients tell you they don’t receive calls from your campaigns? Well now you have the proof to show that you are generating calls to their business. You can automatically send daily, weekly, or monthly digests of their calls right to their email.

Reseller tools

With the time and effort you’re investing into managing their account, you should make some money for it!


We provide you with the reporting on expense by client for you to invoice them through your own billing process or you can use our reseller tools. If you’re paying us $1.50 per number, maybe you want to charge your clients more. Or better yet, add a monthly subscription fee. Using our integration with Stripe, you can automatically bill your clients on a schedule you set and the money will be put into your account.

Think outside the box

Recently one of our clients, Varun Tandon, shared his experience with using CTM to not only track his calls but improve internal lead handling processes. By taking advantage of our advanced routing features, Varun was able to get the calls into the right hands quickly leading to happy customers and improved sales.

Eyal Gershon, a CallTrackingMetrics partner in Israel, was recently featured in our white paper on international call tracking. His clients have utilized call recordings to coach call center employees increasing phone call conversion rates from 3% to 70%.

Eat your own dog food

It’s so easy to see the value when you’re working in CallTrackingMetrics day in and day out. In our office, we’re able to get our inbound calls into the right hands quickly using our Voice Menus and Call Queues. With having lots of employees on different teams with varying schedules, our system knows who’s available, what type of calls they should receive, and how to ring to them.  All team members in our office use our Softphone and actively work from the call log.

In the Sales department, we’re able to give priority access to sales calls based on closing percentage which we pull from Salesforce. As the calls come in we automatically create a lead in Salesforce, assign it to the salesperson receiving the call, and attach all the call information such as campaign, keywords, recording url, etc.

With all new hires we’re using our Live Listen feature, it’s a great way to coach team members while the call is happening. We’re also able to access previous recordings for training and feedback.


As a tool for management to ensure all key points in conversations are being hit based on the type of call we utilize our Speech Analytics.

CallTrackingMetrics, an all-in-one solution

So we started our company as the way to identify which of your advertising campaigns are driving calls, allowing you to optimize your marketing budget. Since then we’ve evolved to include features that will improve your internal processes on call handling, metrics on agent performance, call center capabilities, and integrating with all of your favorite programs.
Want to learn more? Call 410-695-6939 x1. Yes, that’s a tracking number 🙂