Call Tracking

Asking “how did you hear about us” should be a thing of the past

by CallTrackingMetrics

I have had to recently search for people to come to my house and cut down trees. Like most people I took some downtime at work to quickly search for tree people in the area; I wrote down some numbers and filled out forms. The numbers that I called back I was not too surprised to hear the people ask me “how did you hear about us” but to be honest I don’t remember. I wrote the number down or got the number from a neighbor, did I click on a paid ad or was it an organic search? Most of the time I just said “I googled you.” Not very helpful to the people running marketing trying to find out where to best place the ads. One company came out to my house and marked the trees in question as well as some others that I over looked, that was nice, however it also seemed to bring other tree people out that saw the markings while doing tree work for neighbors. Those people would give me an estimate and their cards but again if I called them they still asked “how did you hear about us”.

With call tracking each of these employees can have their own phone number on their card and when someone calls in the company can already know that I got this number because either 1) John did work for a neighbor and that neighbor recommended us or 2) John gave me his card and thats how I found out about them. If I got a flyer, since there are a lot of trees in my neighborhood I am actually surprised I had not, then there could be a separate number on a flyer, so that way no matter what number I called they could tell how I found the number. Using Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) based off of where the customer lands or even a referring URL you can swap the phone number on the website. Even better news for those worried about SEO is that CallTrackingMetric’s code is not triggered by the web crawlers that would impact your SEO rating!

In conclusion, the moral of this story is if you use Call Tracking you will know a lot better where your calls are coming from and you do not have to worry about asking a customer how they heard of you hoping they are telling you the correct thing.