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Google Ads and Call Tracking: Closing Data Loops

by CallTrackingMetrics

Today, there are a lot of marketing tools to choose from for marketing attribution and call tracking. Despite this plethora of tools, there are often gaps in data regarding online and offline marketing efforts. Knowing which tools to use and which to forego can make your life as a marketer a whole lot easier. With Google Ads and call tracking, all of this data is at your fingertips! 

Google Ads and CallTrackingMetrics software is one pair of marketing tools that seamlessly deliver comprehensive data in one place. CallTrackingMetrics is a Google Partner–and we like to view ourselves as the perfect complement to Google’s ad platform.  However, when it comes to Google Ads and call tracking, you may wonder why you need a call tracking provider in the first place. After all, there’s Google Ads call forwarding.  

Get More with Google Ads Call Tracking

There are several advantages of utilizing CTM’s call tracking in addition to your Google Ads. As one of the five call tracking providers certified by Google, CTM’s platform not only integrates seamlessly but also offers more data on your calls coming in from ads. 

As mentioned Google offers its brand of call forwarding, which uses dynamic insertion to swap the number on your landing page with a Google Forwarding number. This gives you some important information like: 

  • The call start and end time
  • Callers area code
  • Duration of the call in seconds
  • Call type (mobile click-to-call or manual dial)

CallTrackingMetrics also uses dynamic number insertion to instantly swap numbers when a visitor comes to your site. When Google Ads is paired with CallTrackingMetrics, you can do even more. Not only will you get all the information already provided as listed above, you’ll also be able to:

  1. Track the performance of all advertising channels, both online and offline
  2. Learn more about what’s driving high-value conversions with tools like; call recordings, call transcriptions, and keyword spotting.
  3. Choose from (and own!) a variety of phone numbers including local, toll-free, vanity, and shortcodes.
  4. Automate call flows and responses so customers connect with an agent when they’re ready to buy. 
  5. Track and attribute effectively with multitouch and multichannel attribution and close the holes in data gaps.

Another exciting fact is that CTM has a direct integration with Google Analytics, which allows you to see your call data in conjunction with your website traffic. This lets you further define what you want to count as a Goal and Goal Completion and send only contacts that meet those criteria to Google Ads as a conversion. With this granular information, you can easily fine-tune ad campaigns to maximize the ads working and re-evaluate the ones that aren’t. 

Keyword Spotting and Keyword Level Attribution

In addition to seeing what ads are working best, when you pair Google Ads and call tracking you can also pinpoint down to the keyword what your customers are searching for. This enables you to target keywords working and pull back on ones that aren’t. This helps marketers consistently prove ROI and drive conversions. 

This detailed information isn’t available when you use Google Ads and Google Analytics alone. Not only do you get this additional data, our robust, customizable dashboard and reporting lets you see at a glance which campaigns, channels, and sources are most profitable for your business. 

Beyond Keyword Attribution with Google Ads and Call Tracking

Marketers love keyword-level attribution for their phone calls but Google Ads and call tracking can do so much more. In addition to keyword-level attribution, another advantage of using these two tools together is for call scoring. With call scoring, you can automatically measure and ‘score’ the quality of a call. This enables agents and teams to prioritize which calls to return first, which to send to marketing automation campaigns, and  which to move elsewhere.  

In addition to call scoring, call tracking software lets you track and attribute both online and offline communications including form submissions, texts, chats, and calls. Not only can you accurately track which ad or ads prompted each of these conversations, you can also easily view and assess which channels and sources drive the most leads, which drive the most conversions, and which drive the highest-value conversions all in one place. 

Having comprehensive data from all of these channels and sources is a great way to close the loop on data gaps and prove ROI for all of your campaigns. And, as mentioned, our robust reporting tools let you create customized reports so you can easily see the data that’s most important to you. 

“We love that we’re able to produce instant reporting on multiple metrics—and can even export data right from the call log! And, our clients love that we are consistently able to provide visibility into the effectiveness of their campaigns.” -John Thornton, Black Propeller

Google Ads and call tracking software can take your marketing efforts to the next level. Find out how CallTrackingMetrics can help your organization today. Book a Demo or learn about CTM’s direct integration with Google Ads and Google Analytics

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