Call Tracking

10 Ways to Save Money & Increase Value with CTM

by CallTrackingMetrics

We’re nearing the end of 2018, which means it’s time to review budgets, and plan for the next year. But optimizing your budget isn’t just about reducing expenditures – it can also mean finding more value in the tools you’re already using.

We’ve put together this quick guide to help you discover a few features you may not know are available in our platform:

1. Prepay and save: Our brand new prepay option offers Customers a nice discount in exchange for pre-paying for a year. Navigate to the “Change Plans” page to preview your options, and make the switch.

2. Consolidate your hardware: What’s better than saving money, and reducing the number of vendors you work with? Clear off your desk for good with the CallTrackingMetrics browser-based phone system. By decreasing or eliminating the hops your calls need to make, you’ll also reduce latency, and therefore increase conversions.

3. Clear the spam clutter: Minimize the annoyance and cost of spam calls by enabling our Spam Detective service. We’ll help you detect spammy callers, and block them from reaching your agents with clever tools, like IVR menus that release calls with no punched key presses.

4. Catch your missed calls: Leverage virtual voicemail boxes, set up customized missed call notifications, and build automated workflows to ensure you get back to those callers ASAP.

5. Start utilizing online forms: If you haven’t yet, it’s a great time to take advantage of FormReactor, our web form tracking solution. We’ve supercharged traditional online forms by weaving them into the CTM toolbox, allowing you to automate activities around your lead gathering. We can connect your reps instantly to new submissions via an automated phone call, text, or email, so you can get in front of those form leads before they find your competitors!

6. Close common gaps in advertising tracking: Understand the full picture of your attribution by tracking calls from your Facebook and Bing campaigns. You’ll gain insight into the calls your ads generate, and because we send call data back into your ad accounts, you’ll enhance reporting and improve ad targeting across both platforms.

7. Track your Click-to-Call and Call-Only ads: Unlike other call tracking providers, we provide attribution on call extension ads from Google and Bing, with reporting at the campaign, ad and keyword levels.

8. Text Communications: Running an SMS campaign? We can manage it all, from your outbound marketing to appointment confirmation texts. Take advantage of our custom text triggers to automate these SMS interactions with a personalized touch.

9. Automate your calls: Engage quickly and efficiently with our smart Dialer (outbound dialer) service. It can call through a list and connect live callers with your agents, leave voicemails, or place follow up calls automatically. With endless ways to customize the tool for your operation, the smart dialer can boost the efficiency of your call center like never before.

10. Optimize call distribution:  Our Smart Router enables you to define a myriad of variables that can shape where your calls ends up. It includes options like “sticky routing” (route a caller to the agent that has previously spoken with them), routing based on caller demographics, advertising campaigns, keyword searched, and more. If you’re using our Salesforce integration, you can even route calls to the Salesforce record owner.