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Should I supplement my call tracking account with Professional Services?

by CallTrackingMetrics

The support we provide is one of our greatest assets, and it’s so important to each one of us that our clients are happy and successful in our platform.

 – Trisha Hand, Implementation Engineer


We love supporting our customers, and they come in all sizes—from small businesses, to marketing agencies, to globally-connected call centers. Our platform is incredibly flexible and customizable, so we’ve got solutions for our entire spectrum of users.

When it comes to actually implementing those solutions, the process for a small business can be quite different than the process for an enterprise-level organization. These enterprise-level accounts often end up being richly complex, with many users, a large collection of integrations, and multiple levels of access.

In order to make the process easier for our enterprise users, we’ve brought in a special team to help build the connections needed to get these large accounts up-and-running at top speed. What this team provides—individualized engineering, training, and support—is known in the SaaS world as “Professional Services“.

For a national organization, implementing a new software solution or making adjustments to a current platform can be a pretty daunting task. They often have hundreds or thousands of users, and millions of dollars at stake. This is where Professional Services really shine; they empower clients with the opportunity to get their organizations safely incorporated into high-stakes software, without requiring intensive training or internal resources.

One of our engineers, Trisha Hand, has been leading this pursuit for many of our customers, so we can’t imagine a better expert to explain the benefits of Professional Services.

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Trisha, in the context of call tracking software and other SaaS platforms, what exactly are we referring to when we talk about Professional Services?

As CallTrackingMetrics and other SaaS companies begin to serve larger and larger customers, we’ve had to develop processes for assisting in the build of these complex accounts. This is because, in addition to demanding a great product, large organizations often request the ability to purchase premium service. This premium service, which boils down to custom engineering, training and support, is known in our field as Professional Services.

Professional Services are a key component of successful enterprise relationships. They ensure customer satisfaction through deployment and on-boarding, while helping end-users understand the product (also a focus of our Customer Success department). Professional Services empower our team to support and train enterprise users over time, while providing an opportunity to spread best practices through consultancy.

What sort of Professional Services does CTM offer?

Professional Services consist of packaged plans for:

What type of user would Professional Services be the most beneficial for?

Professional Services would be beneficial for any client that:

  • has a time-sensitive project
  • is working through a specific pain-point
  • is new to the SaaS/call tracking environment
  • has inherited an account without proper protocol 
  • is switching over from another provider

Especially in the case of a client transitioning from one call tracking platform to another, a Professional Services specialist can really make that process move along seamlessly, and painlessly.

Do you have any examples in which Professional Services really made an impact?

Our team has encountered a few clients that required some pretty complex configurations, which they had tried to implement themselves. Without an understanding of advanced call management features, they managed to tangle up some mission-critical processes. Fortunately our team was there to help and get these issues resolved as quickly as possible. Afterwards, we provided training on best practices to ensure their continued success and satisfaction with our software.

Every time I’ve had the chance to help a new client through Professional Services, it’s been incredibly gratifying. It’s always a great experience for us—we learn more about how to solve all types of unique business challenges, and have discovered some outstanding use cases in the process. To that end, I hope the experience for our clients is equally amazing! Based on the feedback we’ve gotten, it’s definitely been a huge help for the organizations with a lot at stake in a call tracking and phone management platform.

Our Professional Service team is built of engineers, trainers, and service team members with a deep understanding of our software. The support we provide is one of our greatest assets, and it’s so important to each one of us that our clients are happy and successful in our platform. We take the time to understand exactly how the client will be using CallTrackingMetrics, what their goals are, and which metrics constitute success for them. These components are key to setting up a successful client experience.