Call Tracking

Digital Marketing With A Much Better Ring

by Jessica Michaels

The efficiencies created by digital advertising continue to deliver as you can now learn much more about the “holy grail” of marketing results: telephone calls from new customers.

On the upswing along with the surge in mobile search volume, new customer calls can be directly tied in with all of your marketing so that you can independently tap into the precise source of each call conversion and close the loop on your customer acquisition funnel.

Imagine the next time you hear the phone ring, you will know if the new customer is calling you because of Google AdWords, the new Facebook Awareness Adverts or Bing Ads. You can even see the events that triggered the call: the keyword searched, the ad they clicked, and the page on your web site that was visited.

This powerful data, which includes the option to record the conversation, is available to you – directly – without having to scroll through ambiguous reports from your agency or media rep. 

At Northfarm Studio we enable dynamic call tracking for our clients in Norway, business owners and savvy marketers who want to optimize their marketing.

Here’s a breakdown of how dynamic call tracking works, what to look out for and best practices in setting up and utilizing the call data from your advertising.

Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI)

Search marketers refer to this technology as dynamic number insertion (DNI), but you may have heard other acronyms thrown around as advertising-tracked telephone calls continue to evolve. Yellow pages, online directories, and media publishers have utilized some tracking for call counts and to share with you a snippet of high-level data, maybe even some call recording.

The truth is that agency and publisher telephone call reporting, however slick, is most often used to justify media and agency fees rather than to optimize your advertising.

But as online marketing has evolved, so too has the tools to measure it. With dynamic call tracking, the curtain on telephone tracking has been lifted.

Are phone calls still relevant?

With the dominance of mobile search, more telephone calls are connecting consumers with advertisers. Mobile search alone is expected to drive 65 billion voice calls to businesses in 2016, according to Search Engine Land

Making a voice call on your mobile device has never been easier with Google’s Call Only text ads, Facebook’s Call Now button, and the push-to-call functionalities on map listings, directories, and mobile websites.

Not only are calls the most popular form of conversion from mobile search, they are the most valuable. While a text or email can lead to a nice chat, a voice call means business. More than 66% of businesses consider calls a good or excellent lead source, according to BIA/Kelsey Local Commerce Monitor, which found that calls to businesses convert to revenue 10 to 15 times more than emails or forms.

How Does It Work

Dynamic call tracking replaces the phone number on your web site with a different, enhanced phone number. In real time, a visitor to your site is shown one of a pool of tracking phone numbers, either local or toll free, that is tied directly to the source from which they came. As an example, visitors who reach your web site from Google AdWords are shown 555-1212, while visitors who arrive from Bing Ads would see 555-1213.

Routing & Reporting

Each tracked phone call routes directly to you, just like a regular phone call. The difference is that all of the triggering events (source, ad campaign, keyword) are also delivered to you along with the call. You can have this information pushed to you immediately by text. You could also retrieve this data via email and by logging in to the app or website. You can even view the call live in your browser while logged in. 

Why Is It Important

Most agencies and large advertisers are quite adept at tracking leads through web site form submissions and emails. But this form-only strategy does nothing to optimize around the most critical of lead conversions: the phone call. With call tracking data in hand, not only will you be aware of the source of calls but you can re-align your marketing efforts to increase the number of incoming phone calls you receive from new customers.

Is Dynamic Call Tracking Right For You

To decide if you are a good candidate for dynamic call tracking, it comes down to whether you advertise and if calls are important to your business.

You can sign up directly with Northfarm Studio or through your agency. Northfarm Studio partners with all the major advertising agencies and media outlets in Norway as our goal is to help you better understand the technology to optimize your marketing, no matter where you advertise.

Privacy Considerations

A recording of each telephone conversation between your customer and your business is available to you so that you can evaluate whether the phone call was relevant, handled correctly or was even connected. Because privacy laws in Norway enable the customer to opt-out, not all calls will be recorded. The source data, length of the conversation and the amount of time it took to answer the call will always be available. The call data must be destroyed within 60 days according to the Norwegian Data Protection Authority, Datatilsynet, as it enforces Norway’s personal data act (personopplysningslova)

Google Analytics & Integrations

The set up will take no longer than 5 minutes and just requires a snippet of code to be placed on your web site. All call event data is also sent to your Google Analytics account, where it gets identified as a call conversion. Dynamic call tracking integrates with most value-added partners like Salesforce, Marketo, Optimizely, CAKE, and Kissmetrics.

Best Practices

A good place to start is by tracking phone calls from your most relevant paid media sources, such as assigning at least two phone numbers for Google and another one for Facebook.  This will give you a good baseline for how today’s most popular web sites are performing in generating telephone calls for your business. Other high volume sources to track in Norway include Facebook, Gulesider, 1881, and popular Aftenposten, VG (Verdens Gang), and Dagbladet.

You may have several tracking numbers assigned for one source, depending on the amount of traffic it generates to your site.  You can also track offline media (TV, radio, print) by inserting a tracking number in your ad. You can do the same cut-and-paste process for tracking phone activity from Facebook fan pages, Google Call Extensions, as well as other online map and directory listings.

About Northfarm Studio


After two months of beta-testing call tracking with our first client in Norway, Northfarm Studio is officially launching its call tracking platform at the “The New Tools Of Digital Marketing” event January 27, 2016 at MESH in downtown Oslo. RSVP to learn a more about the latest in online advertising.

Charlie Flora is the Director of Sales at Northfarm Studio which provides a comprehensive and easy-to-use dynamic call tracking solution in Norwegian and English. Based in Oslo, Norway, Northfarm Studio partners with US-based CallTrackingMetrics.