Call Tracking

Exposed: An inside look at one of CTM’s marketing campaigns

by Jessica Michaels

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You spoke

Online reviews and customer testimonials are becoming increasingly important for businesses. Prospective clients want and deserve to trust that your product will operate as you advertise it will. The reality is every website will promote its product as being awesome in one way or another. You’re not going to find a website that claims to be mediocre. Yet, there’s so many mediocre products out there. Too many companies claim they are the best and loosely toss around terms like quality, reliable or easy. As a consumer, it’s hard to trust a company’s description of their product. You want real, honest feedback from users who have a trustworthy description of the product and its performance. 

With this in mind, CallTrackingMetrics launched a review campaign. Clients were asked to provide detailed and honest feedback on their use of our call tracking service, offering a $25 Amazon gift card in exchange for a review (good or bad).  After much consideration, we chose to use a service call G2Crowd. We chose G2 because unlike several other review sites, you can’t pay for better rankings or placement. Another unique element is they require both positive and negative feedback with a minimum character requirement. This forces the reviewer to provider a higher level of feedback, resulting in higher quality reviews.

The campaign generated just under 200 reviews, each and every one of them was reviewed by our team. We were able to obtain valuable insight on how our clients are utilizing our product, features, client success stories, as well as the challenges they face. In addition to identifying several trends:

  • We provide different clients with very different solutions.
  • We have a very robust product which results in many of our clients being unaware of features we offer and are included in their plans.
  • Outdated help documentation.
  • Our setup isn’t as easy as we thought.

We listened

We immediately started mapping out plans and strategies to incorporate the feedback we received into our plans for 2016. One of the major areas where we needed to improve was our content and documentation. We’ve organized a system for maintaining and updating our help documentation, which ensures that all of our help articles are refreshed and updated regularly.

We’ve upped our content game and launched a resources center on our marketing site. This provides our clients a wealth of information with case studies, white papers, blogs, testimonials, webinars, and other valuable resources. We’re exploding with content!

Another area that was addressed is the setup process. With the goal of equipping all our clients with the tools they need to track and optimize their phone calls, we started offering kick off calls to every new client. During the kickoff call, one of our representatives will personally walk them through the basic setup and help them get comfortable in our dashboard as well as provide them with the resources they need to achieve their call tracking goals.

For those who’d like additional support, we’ve launched our Accelerator Implementation Support plans, which allow our team to do the heavy lifting. The support plans are customizable based on the client’s needs, saving time on complex routing & call queue configurations as well as integrations.

Double Reward

Now that we’ve implemented new ways to better serve our clients we needed to point them to the new resources we offer. Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin serve as a perfect avenue to share and engage our clients with our content. What better way to do that than with another contest?

For this contest, we decided to give away two sets of Beats HD Headphones. The strategy was to get our clients to connect with our social networks.  By doing so, they would have better exposure to our resources. For each network they connected with, they received raffle tickets for the prize. This approach was a win for both our clients and us.  Our clients provided us with feedback telling us what they wanted. We reacted to the feedback providing them with solutions to what they wanted. Next, we needed a way to connect the dots and a social media contest served as the perfect avenue for a double win.

Two contests later we’ve:

  1. Developed new systems to better maintain our help documentation
  2. Taken several steps to improve our onboarding and setup experience
  3. Continuously develop new content to keep our clients well informed
  4. Rewarded our clients for engaging in the content they asked us for and built up our social networks at the same time.

After running the two campaigns we learned to use online reviews for more than a brand and reputation building tool, we incorporated them into the development of our product and processes. We’ve better established a social media presence and are using it as an avenue to inform and engage our clients on exciting new features as well as built-in features they might not know about.