Call Tracking

Meet the Person Behind the Number – 3 Ways to Turn Calls into Customers

by Erika Rollins


Featured Guest Post by: Tim Prugar, Director of Customer Success, Next Caller

As a marketer, you pour your heart and soul into convincing customers to pick up the phone and call your business. Each call represents an opportunity to convert a sale- so why go into those interactions blind? The more information you are able to collect on a caller increases your opportunity of gaining a customer, and the ability to do it real-time allows you to make intelligent decisions that up your odds even more.

CallTrackingMetric’s Enhanced Caller Insights allows you do to just that – gain real-time intelligence on an inbound caller, transforming that person from an anonymous phone number to a living, breathing potential customer. Here are three ways to leverage that powerful information:


  • Remove Friction – Anyone who has ever called customer service knows the pain and frustration of spelling and respelling your name or any other identifying information (“P AS IN PTERODACTYL! NO! K AS IN KNUCKLE!”). Why throw up these hurdles for potential customers? Populate name, address, email, and social media information on an inbound in real-time to seamlessly segue into making the sale – not capturing information.
  • Retarget – What percentage of your customers close on the first call? Do you wish you had another channel through which to target them? Well, that information you just populated on the inbound caller – it’s yours now. Increase your conversations and provide white-glove service to your customers by reaching out through the email and social channel.
  • Personalize – Businesses create customers and secure loyalty by making people feel noticed, listened to, and valued. How could knowing a caller’s income, or gender, or whether or not they have children inform your call routing or agent response? That demographic data and more is available through Advanced Caller Insights, and can drive conversions and loyalty through personalized experiences and offerings.


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About the Author:

Tim Prugar is the Director of Customer Success at Next Caller, a telephony technology firm based out of New York City. Next Caller restores confidence in the phone channel by providing enterprise services to identify and verify consumers. Next Caller creates contact center efficiency and delivers unsurpassed product reliability to improve individual customer experiences.