Call Tracking

Top 5 Most Underrated CallTrackingMetrics Features

by Jessica Michaels

CallTrackingMetrics offers a lot of fun and useful features. Today we are going to take a look at the 5 top features that we have that most people overlook:

Logo5Call Queues: Call queues are typically used when you want to ring to more than one person at a time. What is great about call queues is that you can have many different call queues and different “agents” in each call queue. When an agent answers the call they will automatically be assigned to the call in the call log. This feature is great because you can filter by the agent and with the agent being assigned already you can see all the calls that they received.


Voice Mail: Yes, in CallTrackingMetrics you can set up as many virtual voicemail boxes as you would like. Thereis no additional charge for the actual voicemail. Its great because you can see all of your voicemails right in CallTrackingMetrics and receive an email or SMS notification each time you get a voicemail. For a small additional fee we can even transcribe the message that the caller leaves and that can also be included in your notification.



Multiple User Login: Unlike a lot of software companies we do not charge per user. You can have as many users as you would like. Each user can granted a different access level so if you do not want one of your users to see the Numbers Tab just make them a Report Manager and they can see everything but the Numbers Tab. If you only want the user to see calls in the call log you can give them Call Manager access. With both Report Manager and Call Managers, you can also those users into Access Control groups to even further limit what they can see.


Logo2A Secondary Credit Card: We all have had the problem where a credit card gets compromised or even expires and then we have to struggle to remember all of the places that we had that card listed. With CallTrackingMetrics, we allow you to have a secondary card so if something should happen where we can not bill to the primary card we will use the secondary card as a fallback. We do still email you when your balance is low and we are going to charge you, it just gives you the peace of mind that your calls will continue to go through and you get to keep your numbers.


Logo1 Help Page: We at CallTrackingMetrics always love to talk to our customers and help them out, we also provide a way for you to search our Help Page for lots of documentation and videos on frequently asked questions. We are always updating it with the newest features, including demo videos with step by step instructions.