Call Tracking

What Is Porting And How Does It Work?

by Trisha Hand

What is porting?

If you already own a number that you would like to use as a tracking number in CallTrackingMetrics, but it is currently not in our system, you can port the number in making it usable for your tracking purposes.

How do you port a number?

Porting a number into CallTrackingMetrics is simple, log into your account and go to Numbers>Port Numbers. On this page you fill out a form with the number you are porting, the receiving number, the tracking source, and the name of your account. Once you have submitted this port form you will receive an email asking you to fill out and return an LOA (Letter Of Authorization), and a copy of the bill for this number.

Why do we ask for an LOA and Bill?

This paperwork is needed to prove to your current carrier that you are the owner of the number being ported and you are giving them permission to move the number over to CallTrackingMetrics.

How long does the process take?

The porting process can take 2-4 weeks to complete from the time our porting department receives the LOA and bill. Our porting department will be in correspondence with you throughout the process, letting you know if there is any further information required and giving you the scheduled port date once the date has being set for the number.

Porting numbers out of CallTrackingMetrics.

If you like your tracking number but no longer want to use it in CallTrackingMetrics and you have been actively using CallTrackingMetrics for 60 days, you can port the number to another carrier. To do this you would contact the desired carrier and fill out their LOA and use a screenshot of the tracking numbers page in lieu of a bill. That carrier will contact us with a port away request, we will email the admin of the account asking if the port away is legitimate and either approve or deny the request.