Announcing New Google AdWords Integration for Call Extensions and Call Only Ads


Announcing New Google AdWords Integration for Call Extensions and Call Only Ads

CallTrackingMetrics is thrilled to announce a new integration with Google AdWords that for the first time ever has the ability to attribute phone calls back to Google AdWords’ call extensions and call only ads with campaign data down to the keyword level.

The new integration utilizes Google’s call forwarding numbers and CTM tracking numbers. It allows the two systems to sync and capture data that was never available before. This advanced technology is able to capture the campaign, ad group, and keyword searched for phone call through your call only and call extension ads. Now because there is campaign data associated to the phone calls, call extensions and call only ads can be attributed as call conversions in AdWords down to the keyword searched.


Why Have Call Extensions and Call Only Calls Been Hard To Track

Calls coming through call extension and call only ads have traditionally been tracked without any website visitor data or campaign information. This is because ads on Google’s search network can have thousands of impressions without ever receiving a click to match to the call. With call extensions and call only ads, the caller doesn’t interact with an advertiser’s website, thus being tracked exactly like an offline tracking source. Traditionally the only solution was to have many different tracking numbers including one for each keyword, which is cost prohibitive for most advertisers.


CallTrackingMetrics’ new integration is a huge break-through, providing you with the ability to track all interactions from your AdWords campaigns. So you can immediately start to optimize your call only /call extension ads around those that are performing best, helping you get the most out your marketing budget.

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